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Kanye West Leaks His Own Wedding Details

Kanye West drops wedding news bombshell.

Kanye West has managed to pull a fast one on the media. There have been lots of rumors and speculation about his upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian with it widely believed they were doing the deed in Paris, France. In fact, because of French laws prohibiting two people being legally married in the country without living there at least 45 days prior to the wedding, it was believed they were going to get legally wed in California. They claim they haven’t. And that is because they are getting married in Italy!

He is a sneaky dude and has been planning a massive wedding in Florence this whole time. Kanye couldn’t keep his secret any longer and spilled the beans to a local paper in Florence. It wasn’t long before it got picked up by the news media and now all kinds of sources are falling over themselves to reveal little tidbits about the grand event.

But first, let’s explore the facts according to Kanye. He revealed he has been planning the wedding at the 16th century fortress for quite some time. Apparently, and this may be a little TMI for anybody with a weak stomach, North was conceived in Florence. Kanye and Kim think she was conceived there, anyways. So, with all that said, Kanye says he feels attached to Florence.  The venue has been completely renovated and only just opened last year.

Surprising, the mini-castle is only costing the couple about $410,000 dollars to rent for the weekend. They are slated to marry on May 24. Rumor has it special guests will be joining the couple in Paris on Friday night for a pre-wedding dinner before heading to Italy for the big event. But, you know Kim and Kanye like to add a little, okay a LOT of luxury to anything they do. They have hired Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft, to fill the space with her work. She is very fond of nudes so that should make for some interesting décor. That seems rather risqué and could take the spotlight off Kim and that would never do.

According to the Daily Mail, there are 1000 guests expected at the wedding, which completely contradicts Kim’s earlier claims that it would be a small, intimate wedding. They seriously have a different idea about what intimate means than the rest of the world. Other news outlets report the Memorial Day weekend wedding, will be cover many cities. Again, when they do something, they do it big.

They have kept all the details under lock and key, but this next week will likely be filled with leaks. Another rumor about the nuptials involves Jay-Z. Kanye and Jay go way back and are pretty tight, but it is no secret Jay-Z lives his life completely the opposite of Kanye. Despite an earlier rumor that Jay-Z would be acting as best man, TMZ reports that is absolutely not true. However, it does sound like Jay and Beyonce will make an appearance at the shindig, but don’t expect them to pose for pictures.

Let the games begin!

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