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Kanye West Sneakers Selling for $16.3 Million on eBay

Kanye West’s Red October Air Yeezy 2 sneaker sold out immediately, however you can still purchase a pair on eBay.


The price on eBay is $16.3 million. Yes, you heard that right. It’s for $16.3 million. The sneakers sold-out at Nike for $245 and is available for $16.3 million on eBay.


Nike made the announcement on Twitter the Red October Air Yeezy 2 had been officially launched and they started to sell like hotcakes. According to Nike, it was to be expected however they had no idea they would be in demand on eBay.


The price might be a bit much for most people, because most people probably couldn’t imagine coughing up that amount of cash even if they have it. There is another eBay listing for the sneakers for a modest $3,950 as a bargain versus $16.3 million.

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