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Katy Perry Ready for 2nd Marriage? John Mayer Ready to Pop the Question

Katy Perry and John Mayer are reportedly planning a trip down the aisle as their relationship gets more intense.
Katy Perry Ready for 2nd Marriage? John Mayer Ready to Pop the Question

Katy Perry and John Mayer certainly seem happy together. Happier than either one of them has been in past relationships, or in Katy’s case—a marriage. In fact, they are so happy rumor has it they are considering marriage. To one another. The Hollywood womanizer is ready to settle down? Is Katy ready to hitch her wagon to a man who is notorious for running his mouth about his ex-lovers? If you believe some of the sources who are coming forward, then yep, it sure sounds like the two are ready to tie the knot and live happily ever after. Or as long as ever after is in Hollywood these days.

A source says, “Everyone knows it's just a question of when John will propose.” This assumption comes after John Mayer took Katy Perry to his brother’s wedding. She has officially met the family and from what insiders who witnessed the interaction say, the family approves! Apparently Katy won over Papa Mayer and danced the night away with him. That is when she wasn’t popping bottles of Cristal for the rest of the wedding guests.

A wedding between the two seems a little rushed. They dated for a bit and then called it off for about three months. Apparently they couldn’t live without each other and got back together in July and have been happy as clams ever since. Katy Perry has been very vocal about how much she likes the man, which is the complete opposite of how she dealt with her relationship with Russell Brand. That is a sure sign she is head over heels for John Mayer. The public declarations of love and singing a duet with him are pretty telling.

The next few months will be the real test for the busy couple. Both are busy promoting their latest albums. John is already on the road and is on the European leg of his tour and Katy Perry is busy doing what she can to promote her upcoming album, Prism. But, these two sound pretty determined not to b the couple that splits because they are so busy and never have time for each other. They are doing what they can to make it work.

One insider reveals how cute they are and how dedicated John Mayer is to keeping his lady happy and feeling loved. “John always checks in before bed!” How sweet! And because they are on opposite continents and communication is everything, “They Skype and text all day.” Has Katy Perry finally tamed John Mayer? It certainly seems that way. Now the world be watching Katy’s ring finger like hawks waiting for confirmation he finally got down on bended knee and popped the question.

It would be lovely to see Katy Perry get married and have babies and all of that. But hopefully she is a little cautious and doesn’t jump into this thing. John Mayer has been in long-term relationships in the past, but he sucks at them and they always fail miserably. It would be awful for the “Roar” singer to have to go through another grueling breakup. Her failed marriage took its toll and even she admitted she wasn’t sure she could get up and go on. Don’t break her heart John or you will have a ton of Katy Cats on your tail after revenge.

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