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Keep An Eye On Pets While On The Go

Pet owners can feel comfortable leaving pets alone now with the new pet monitoring devices now available on the market. 

Keep An Eye On Pets While On The Go

Our pets are not just furry creatures that hang around people’s homes. They are a major part of the family, and their protection is of the utmost importance even when we are on the go. Additionally, every pet owner wants to know that their pets aren’t misbehaving and destroying their favorite shoes or furniture while no one is home. Pets have a way of testing our patience in our absence and the desire to know what their pets are doing while away has become almost second nature to many Americans. Now all pet owners can rest easy due to the collection of new devices on the market made to monitor one’s pet while they are away.

Among the many new pet monitoring devices is the Whistle, a tag that can be attached to the animal’s collar to track every move the pet makes. The information gathered from the Whistle will be transmitted to the owner’s smartphone device. The device is a lightweight tag that will only set the pet owner back about $100 dollars. The purpose behind Whistle isn’t to simply monitor the pet’s movements, but monitor its behavior and determine where there are changes in daily behavior. These changes could alert pet owners of something more serious that needs their immediate attention. Since pets cannot speak they rely on their humans to speak for them, and this is where devices such as Whistle have become lifesavers.

The Whistle is not the only product on the market that has helped people monitor pet behavior and actions when they are home alone. In 2011 Tagg, the pet tracker was developed so that if a pet ran away from home their owner could find them without the panic and cost of posting “lost dog,” flyers. However, recently activity monitoring capabilities has been added to the Tagg device, which will also set the pet owner back approximately $100 dollars.

The market for pet tracking has grown and expanded greatly. The traditional ‘doggie door,’ has been upgraded to a electronic door that can be opened with a battery operated collar. One of the newest electronic doggie doors on the market is the PASSport door that can limit the times the animals are allowed to come and go from the house. Unlike the Whistle or Tagg, the innovative doggie door will set the pet owner back a whopping $299.

Despite the cost, pet owners want to know their pets are safe and secure when they are not around to monitor them. These monitoring devices help comfort pet owners. The market for these devices is constantly growing and giving pet owners newer and more innovative options.

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