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Kelly Clarkson Confirms Pregnancy!

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant with her first child.
Kelly Clarkson Confirms Pregnancy!
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Kelly Clarkson is moving fast in her bid to get the all American dream. She has been gushing about having it all—a husband, beautiful house in the country and kids. She has managed to get them all in a matter of weeks. The girl has obviously put her mind to it and has made it happen. When she married her husband, Brandon Blackstock, she became an instant mother to his two children from a previous relationship. And now, she is preparing for a third.

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant with her first child and couldn’t be happier. Rumors were swirling about the singer being pregnant in the weeks before the wedding. Turns out the rumors were true. The “Stronger” singer will finally fulfill her dream of having a baby. It is something she has been giddy about for months and hasn’t been able to stop talking about the idea of becoming a mother. Although Kelly didn’t reveal how far along she was in the pregnancy, it is probably safe to assume she is in her second trimester. Most women and most especially celebrity women don’t reveal the pregnancy until after the first trimester just in case something goes wrong.

Last week, Kelly Clarkson did her best to squash the rumors and blatantly denied she was pregnant while visiting The Tonight Show. She told Jay Leno, “We are not announcing anything right now.” But she did admit they were trying “like rabbits” to get pregnant. Leno wasn’t buying it. He seemed a little irritated that celebrities always showed up on his show and denied the pregnancy rumors only to go on the Ellen DeGeneres show a week later and make the big announcement. Oops. It looks like he called it. Except Kelly used Twitter instead of Ellen to reveal the news. She wasn’t letting anybody steal her thunder.

Surprisingly, Kelly Clarkson told Leno, “I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five.” Well she is halfway there. The 31-year-old singer has been unlucky in love and seemed to have given up until she met her manager’s son early last year and they hit it off. They were so happy, they got engaged a short 10 months after dating and then 10 months later they got married.

Her baby news should help her with the recent loss she endured. Last week she tweeted she lost her “best friend” Joplin. Her little dog passed away and she seemed to be truly devastated. Fortunately, she has her new family to help her through the grieving process. She couldn’t help but gush about how great her stepkids are and admitted she got really lucky in that department. No stepmonster label for her. In fact, her own pregnancy may be helping her focus and get her priorities straight. She told Leno, “It sounds so cheesy but it's such a bigger point to life.” Yes, kids tend to do that to even the wildest young people. Not that Kelly Clarkson has ever been one to hit the party scene.

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