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Kelly Clarkson Marries in Tennessee--Baby on the Way?

Kelly Clarkson has reportedly gotten married over the weekend and it is speculated she is already pregnant with her first child.
Kelly Clarkson Marries in Tennessee--Baby on the Way?
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Kelly Clarkson has taken the plunge and she did it without anybody knowing about it! The singer married Brandon Blackstock in a top secret ceremony over the weekend. Very few celebrities have managed to pull off a wedding without the world being alerted to the nuptials by the always nosey media. Kelly managed to do just that and her secret would have remained hers for a little while longer if it wasn’t for the blabbermouth Twitter user who let the cat out of the bag.

Apparently, the shindig happened at the Blackberry Farm in the Smoky Mountains of Walland, Tennessee on Sunday afternoon. The announcement came via Twitter with the message, “Kelly Clarkson got married at Blackberry Farm today.. My sister is a chef at Blackberry Farms... CRAZY!” Although the singer hasn’t confirmed the news yet, it is pretty probably that it did happen. The happy couple picked up their marriage license a few days earlier.

You can only imagine what that wedding must have been like. It would certainly be a who’s who in country music. Brandon’s stepmom is Reba McEntire, who Kelly is a huge fan of. And he manages Blake Shelton. The wedding news comes as a little bit of a surprise after Kelly Clarkson did her best to throw the media off the trail. She is one smart cookie. She lamented the wedding planning and claimed she was totally over it and it was too much considering she is touring and just put together a Christmas album. She even claimed they were ready to elope. She lied. She claimed she was just going to run away with her soon-to-be hubby and his two children and do the deed. In a way she did.

Now, the rumor mill is going into overdrive as people wonder if the wedding had a bit of a shotgun nature to it. Kelly Clarkson has been on a baby kick lately and has stated, “I can’t wait to start to have babies with him.” Some are convinced that part of the equation has already happened after she was seen sporting a bit of a pooch. Her weight has always fluctuated and she has never been a super skinny girl and she has embraced that, which has endeared her to many of her fans. But could she already be expecting her first child with her new husband?

An insider reveals, “She said she wanted babies right away after getting married, and it looks like she jumped the gun.” She is a busy girl. She doesn’t have the time to sit around and wait for the baby thing. Time’s a-waistin’.

Although Kelly Clarkson has yet to confirm her new marriage, it was pretty obvious it was happening soon. During her last performance on October 10 at the People Like Us Fair Trade Concert, she let all of her fans know it was just around the corner. She told her fans, “I’m heading home and I’m getting hitched!” And it seems like she did just that. Stay tuned for the wedding pictures to start trickling out.

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