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Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics

Selling comics and art to the huddled masses and the wretched refuse

Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics
photo by Steve Peters

Ken Eppstein has wonderfully original musical taste that seems to keep to the edgy appeal of musical groups such as The Ramones, The Cramps, The Kinks, The Dickies, The Zeroes, The Dead Milkmen, Generation X. Elvis Costello, The Gogo’s,  The Yard birds and Dick Dale and his deltones.

He is also involved in a project with kick starter to rise funds so he can publish two graphic novels in the near future with some donations from that fund. 

He also is the lead writer, editor, and publisher and owner of Nix Comics in Columbus, Ohio.  He owns a record store, and he writes comic books seriously, what could be cooler than that? I believe my seventeen year old son wants to move in with him and learn the trade.

According to his website, he creates comics for The Huddled Masses and the wretched refuse.  A dream by any other name would smell as sweet.  He has an unusual and original perspective to his writing, some of his stories are absolute masterpieces and I wish he would consider turning me into a comic book hero.  (Who wouldn’t want to look like the curvy goddess Wonder woman in all her gory and that amazing costume? Hell, or even Batgirl or Tauriel from the Hobbit?)

I participated in Baltimore comic con and everything Ken says is true, they claim exorbitant fees for the right to set up a small table in which to sell your art, they make you travel great distances (with expensive traveling costs at that as well).  I met people who were traveling 1000 miles for one comic expo and then they were off to the next comic book event I n order to become well known and to sell their art.

This is what Ken had to say about The(SPX) Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland in terms of traveling and what your earnings can amount to:

“this last year felt particularly brutal in those terms. I had been told by trusted mentors and experienced SPX exhibitors that sales were going to be great for me.  They weren’t.  Some fellow exhibitors conjectured that the increased size of SPX show floor was to blame.  More tables and the same number of feet through the door being the theory.  I tend to think more that folks coming through the doors seemed to be more interested a hand assembled black and white DIY vibe than my gaudy full color assault comics.   Whatever the reason, the immediate tangible outcomes of SPX were a big letdown to me. I left Bethesda that weekend feeling kind of beat up.”

I am so sorry to hear about your experience, Ken, you definitely deserve a better chance at making back some of the cash you put into the heart and soul of your work.  There are just so many artists out there, doing the best they can, and it is a free for all. You either get lucky or you do not.  A lot of these artists are simply not in it for their artistic experience but to make a lot of money (good fucking luck, btw).   

It sadly turns into a big old business network I have noticed.  The women at comic con can get away with wearing these costumes that are basically next to being naked and it is suggested that they use their looks to sell the art.  It really seems to have come down to using whatever asset you have, if you are desperate enough to sell in any way you can.  We are all whores in the end.

But as for Ken, he promotes new writers and his door is always open to those who work hard and want recognition in this very competitive business. If you need to reach him try his address here 

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