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Kendall Jenner Ready to Break Away from Reality Family?

Kendall Jenner has been told to choose between a career in modeling or a reality star career.
Kendall Jenner Ready to Break Away from Reality Family?
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Kendall Jenner has proven she has what it takes to be one of the next big fashion models. She made her big debut at New York Fashion Week and was invited to Paris for another spin down the runway. She has the figure of a high fashion model and is proving she isn’t afraid to push boundaries now that she is of age. You may remember the riot she caused when she essentially exposed her breasts on the catwalk.

There is one major problem with Kendall Jenner becoming one of the top models in the world—her family. Right now, Kendall is a fixture on her family’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” It certainly helped her expand her fan base and has opened a lot of doors for her with the help of her pushy momager, Kris Jenner. But, the family is a bit of a joke among the truly talented in Hollywood. The fake drama and overexposure is keeping them in the media, but it isn’t doing much for establishing a career that has a promising future.

Kendall Jenner has what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of modeling, but she has been given some sage advice. “She was advised that continuing to appear on reality television will diminish interest in her as a model,” claims an insider. That overexposure thing is a real problem. Kanye West is said to be cutting back on Kim Kardashian’s appearances as well because of that problem.

The insider explains it isn’t just the fact the girl is always on television or in the tabloids, “The problem also is scheduling. Kendall is contractually obligated to appear on the show and there is a huge time commitment involved.” It sounds like she is going to have to choose between the family business or a real career of her own making. A fashion insider says, “She is having a moment that might spell the kind of modeling career that none of her sisters ever had the opportunity, or perhaps the interest, to pursue.” That means gold for momager, Kris. You would think she would be pushed into the modeling world. It is no secret the world is growing tired of the Kardashians. The reality craze is slowly dying out.

It sounds like she may be ready to break away from the family. In a new clip of one of the upcoming episodes for the family’s show, Kendall Jenner reveals she is ready to get out. She tells her mom, “One of the first things I want to do is get a place of my own.” Her mom is of course not happy with the news and big sister Kim doesn’t think it is a good idea either. However, Bruce Jenner thinks it is time. She is 18 and has been making her own money for quite some time. It is only natural she would want to get out and spread her wings. Once she is out of the house, she may soon discover that a life without cameras constantly in your face is rather nice.

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