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Kim Kardashian Accused of Waxing North's Brows

Kim Kardashian has been accused of waxing her baby's eyebrows.
Kim Kardashian Accused of Waxing North
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Kim Kardashian has the unique ability to be either the most hated woman or the most adored woman in America. Her parenting skills are constantly being questioned due to her tendency to go out on the town quite often without her baby. She defended her mothering abilities and quickly made sure she was spotted out with baby North and even posted a few pictures of the little one to prove she was a doting mom. Unfortunately, her most recent post of her 6-month-old daughter has sparked even more rumors of her bad parenting skills.

Soon after posting the picture of the baby with a beautiful smile, people started commenting on how cute she was and so on. It didn’t take long before people started looking at the picture of North a little too closely and came to the conclusion the infant had had her eyebrows waxed. Yowza! People quickly began accusing Kim Kardashian of having her baby’s brows done. Is that even possible? Who would ever think it would be okay to do such a thing?

Sadly, as preposterous as the claim sounds, at least one other celebrity mom has admitted to waxing her toddler’s unibrow. Farrah Abraham was berated for admitting to doing that to her own daughter while she slept. Of course, Farrah’s daughter was 4, not 6 months. However, Kim Kardashian is known for her own attention to her brows. They are always plucked and perfectly arched.

In the picture with North smiling and looking at the camera, her big, gorgeous eyes look just perfect. Maybe too perfect. It wasn’t just one person who noticed the perfect brows above the beautiful eyes. Several people commented on the perfectly sculpted brows and slammed Kim Kardashian for trying to make her infant daughter’s brows perfect.

One person wrote, “I hope you really ain't that superficial to be waxing that baby's eyebrow tho.”

Another commented, “Kim Kardashian puts a photo up of north & the only thing I can think is, that baby totally gets her eyebrows done.”

“Kim K definitely waxed her baby's unibrow,” wrote another user who was positive the baby’s defined brow had been given a helping hand.

Evidence that is being used to support the claims comes from a picture Kim Kardashian tweeted of the baby a few weeks ago. In that picture, North does have a bit of a unibrow going on. It looked fine and completely normal for a baby. The picture she posted yesterday does show a bigger space between the brows. It is truly hard to say if the baby did suffer some plucking, but hopefully nobody, not even Kim, would be that callous.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t responded to the madness yet, but a rep for the star has said the allegations she waxed her baby’s brows are “completely false.” What else could they say? Kanye West will likely be ranting about all the negativity at his next concert or the next time somebody interviews him. Don’t expect too many more pictures of baby North after this debacle. Kim and Kanye are pretty selective about what they let the world see of their baby and this kind of talk will likely make them keep her under wraps. That is probably a good idea.

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