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Kim Kardashian’s Breasts Steal the Show in Paris

Kim Kardashian is back and ready to take her spot at the top of the reality world. She flew to Paris for fashion week and put her curves and cleavage on display in a series of revealing outfits.
Kim Kardashian’s Breasts Steal the Show in Paris

Kim Kardashian is ready to take her place as the center of attention with thousands of cameras pointing her way. She has been kind of out of it since delivering her first baby with Kanye West, but after a couple of months of lying low, she is camera ready. It is amazing she made it that long without primping and posturing for the cameras.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in Paris without their baby daughter and are clearly taking advantage of what that means. It is hard to keep up with the fashion Gods and Goddesses with baby vomit and poop on your $4000 dress or coat. It was probably for the best little North West sat this one out. It is her momma’s time to shine and boy is she shining! She has been putting on her own little fashion show stepping out of her hotel room in one dazzling outfit or another under the pretense of grabbing breakfast or dinner or whatever it is one does at Paris Fashion Week.

And just in case you were not aware, Kim Kardashian has breasts. Rather large ones that she is not afraid to use to her advantage. The reality star dealt with a lot of criticism during her pregnancy over her weight gain. Imagine that! A pregnant woman packing on the pounds! Kim has reportedly admitted the comments hurt her feelings and did make her feel bad about herself. But, there is only one way to quiet the haters—flash a lot of cleavage. Or at least that seems to be the motto Kim is going with.

Her cleavage-baring wardrobe started out gradually showing a little here and there and then BAM! It was like she had an epiphany. If she shows plenty of flesh up top, nobody is going to be looking at her baby belly. She is right and it is working. Her boobs are making headlines. Yes, the American government is shut down and yes there are all kinds of horrific terror attacks happening around the world, but Kim Kardashian has her tatas on display and that trumps it all.

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian made her most daring move yet and showed up for the premiere of Mademoiselle C in a very revealing black Ricardo Tisci dress. Her curves were barely contained by the fabric that was strategically draped over the important parts. Kanye West may be trying to get his baby momma away from the pull of the limelight, but it looks like he may have failed. She loves the cameras and judging by her latest wardrobe revolution, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

According to insiders, Kim’s baby daddy is actually behind this new, risqué look. “Kanye wants Kim to have a whole new look now that she's a mom and with him,” reports one insider. He reportedly had a bit of hand in the decision for her to go blonde as well. She is definitely trying to reinvent herself since having the baby. But why work so hard to drum up attention if you don’t want it?

Oh well, Kanye West had better start getting used to the camera flashes that tend to go where ever Kim Kardashian goes. It is no secret he loathes the paparazzi, but Kim clearly loves them. She couldn’t even be bothered to button up her blouse as she headed to the airport to catch a flight home to see her baby. Thanks for the distraction during these uncertain times when the seriousness of world matters tends to get a little overwhelming.

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