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Kindle Worlds – A Place For Fan Fiction

Let your fan flag fly 

Fan fiction has become a very popular outlet for writers and fans of various genres, especially when it comes to television shows. However, for a time fans weren’t able to write but for themselves with only their friends to share their work with. That is until Amazon opened their self-publishing world to the fan fiction writers with “Kindle Worlds.”

The new self-publishing aspect of Amazon allows writers to write fan fiction stories about one of the following: G.I. Joe, Veronica Mars, Ravenswood, The Vampire Diaries, Silo Saga, Pretty Little Liars, The World of Kurt Vonnegut, Harbinger, John Rain, Gossip Girl, Wayward Pines, The Foreworld Saga, Unity, Bloodshot, Shadowman, X-O Manowar, The Abnorm Chronicles, The Dead Man, Ethernal Warrior, Quantum and Woody and The Lizzy Gardner Files.

While, as would be expected, there are a few strict guidelines the writer’s need to follow they do not have to worry about sticking with where the story is or left off they can feel free to write it as they please.

For example, fans writing The Vampire Diaries, fiction don’t have to write a story about Damon, Elena and Stefan and their love triangle they can write it about Caroline and her mother or even writing Alaric Saltzman’s backstory. The ideas are limitless.

It can be difficult to create a story with original characters, ideas and worlds and Kindle Worlds allows fans to write creatively without struggling to develop brand new worlds and characters. They can continue the stories of their favorite characters from television series even if the series, like Ravenswood, has been cancelled.

Kindle Worlds opens a new world for writers and allows them to truly express their love of their favorite shows and what’s more they can get paid for it! That’s right, Kindle Worlds pays the authors based on royalties from book sales. Each time that writer’s book is downloaded onto a customer’s kindle that author receives a percentage of the profits.

What could be better than writing something you love and getting paid for it! So come on fan fiction writers get your thinking caps on and get writing!


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