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Kourtney Kardashian Makes Bold, Brave Move into Justin Bieber's Neighborhood

Kourtney Kardashian is moving her family into a home within walking distance of Justin Bieber's.
Kourtney Kardashian Makes Bold, Brave Move into Justin Bieber
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Kourtney Kardashian has just proven she has got a lot of courage and clearly nerves of steel. Not because she decided to hitch her wagon to Scott Disick. The mother of two has bought a home in the same neighborhood Justin Bieber calls home and likes to terrorize as often as possible. What would possess anybody with the means to buy a home anywhere to move in to a neighborhood that is always in the news because of the antics of the little criminal?

Kourtney and Scott recently put their home decorated in some pretty funky colors on the market. Unlike most folks, she doesn’t have to wait until her home sells before buying a new one. Rumor has it she bought former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson’s home that just so happens to be a few doors down from Justin’s house. And if you are thinking it is a big neighborhood and it is unlikely Justin and Kourtney will ever run into each other, think again.

Keyshawn had a run in with Justin last year as he sped up and down the quiet residential streets in his little sports car. It seems pretty suspect that Keyshawn would be selling the property after only being in the home for a short time. Could it be because of the nuisance Justin poses? Maybe Kourtney is hoping her family’s connection to the Biebs will help him be a little more cautious when driving past her house.

Kourtney Kardashian’s new digs are a big step up from the 4-bedroom home they just put on the market. She said she wanted a guest room and now she will have 2 extra rooms for friends or family to crash in. The new home she just paid $5.8 million for boasts 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It seems a little unbalanced but who knows why rich people need so many different toilets in their houses. Along with plenty of space to rest their weary heads, the 12,000 square-foot mansion includes a massive backyard for the kids to run in.

It will be like living on their own little farm, kind of. The 2-acre parcel includes fruit trees along with a barbecue pit, gazebo and of course the requisite swimming pool. The poor nannies are going to be exhausted trying to keep up with Mason and Penelope. The gorgeous home is tastefully decorated now. Hopefully Kourtney doesn’t give her new digs the same garish treatment she did her old home. Scott one time referred to the decorating scheme as Beetlejuice meets Alice in Wonderland. Others might just call it a migraine inducer or sensory overload.

Kourtney and Scott may want to have a chat with their pal Justin Bieber and let him know they don’t need any help with groceries. He can keep his eggs. The neighborhood may also shun the oldest Kardashian if she gets too cozy with the Biebs who is probably going to be pushed out of the upscale neighborhood before long. At least they should be able to move in in relative peace. When Justin gets out of jail he will probably be ushered off to rehab and hopefully, somebody will put his house on lockdown and get rid of the trash that has been collecting in and around it. Yes, I am talking about his pals.

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