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LeBron James On The Court, Off The Court Drama Is Over Hyped

Where's The "Love" at

LeBron James On The Court, Off The Court Drama Is Over Hyped

NBA-- There are two types of people when it comes to sports, those that have played in a truly competitive league and those that are just fans. Pickup games, coed leagues and Sunday leagues are ways of playing your favorite sport, but for anyone who has been on a traveling team and/or played at a higher level(college, professionally) know that a different level is needed to survive those games.

Media pundits, journalists and fans alike have been looking at the on the court off the court relationship between LeBron James and Kevin Love and scrutinizing it. This may have to do with the lack of stories provided in the NBA as of late besides the obvious MVP race, but it has been getting a little overboard on the amount of press it is receiving.

Having played on plenty of traveling teams myself throughout my life, being friends with my teammates outside of practice or games was rare. Just like being in a serious relationship, it is the time apart that helps build a stronger bond for when you are together. The Cavs are the best team in the East, LeBron James is playing at a high level and Kevin Love just recorded his 36th double double on the season, yet the media is making it seem as if they are not going to make the playoffs.

It could be said that the “haters” as we will call them are just writing and talking about the relationship between James and Love because there isn't much else to talk about with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the touchy feely society we live in these days, athletes, especially those that are in the heat of the moment(game) shouldn't be put under the same microscope.

Instead of looking to find out why LeBron James and Kevin Love don’t call each other before a team event to make sure the wear matching outfits, let’s just enjoy the spectacle of greatness LeBron James brings to the court while it lasts. Records are meant to be broken, but very few players come along who break and/or join a small list of individuals as much as LeBron James will have done by the end of his career.

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