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Lenovo Pays Google $2.9 Billion For Motorola

Google this week released information that they have in fact sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9 billion.
Lenovo Pays Google $2.9 Billion For Motorola
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Google this week released information that they have in fact sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. The sale though wasn't for full ownership of everything, and Google will retain the patent rights. The plan for Google is simple, they’re looking to get their Android operating system onto as main devices as possible. The majority of money that they earn is through their advertising, so it’s in Google's best interest to sell Motorola and move on and create a bigger manufacturing market.

Lenovo meanwhile got a good deal out of it and the included U.S fanbase, although there might be some that leave forever. The manufacturing side of things will work in Lenovo's favor a lot more than it was doing so with Google, and this could turn out to be a positive thing for the mobile device market. The Moto X was released with high anticipation, and it delivered for the majority of users expectations. Hopefully this can turn the Moto X flagship phone into an evolving process, for both better phone models and also few more varieties.

Another point to look at with the sale of Motorola is through a business standpoint, as it wasn't beneficial for Google to own it besides in the patents that they are keeping. This was really starting to hurt Google however and even going to do so more with Samsung and LG both buying their own operating systems in case they needed to abandon the Android ship.

Google could have been playing on both sides of the fence and it would have control over the Android Market. Now Google is free to be a neutral OS and focus on the software and the advertisement side of things, while the mobile phone manufacturers can focus on hardware.

Motorola has been in the American culture for the past 85 years, while Lenovo is ranked in the top 5 annually in the smartphone manufacturing market. Could this be a match made in heaven for the American mobile market? Leave your comments below about the Google operated Lenovo smartphone.

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