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Lindsay Lohan Nude Photo Scandal Imminent after Laptop Theft

Lindsay Lohan claims laptop was stolen and a nude photo scandal could be imminent.
Lindsay Lohan Nude Photo Scandal Imminent after Laptop Theft
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Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a nice trip to China where she was honored with a Sohu Fashion Achievement Award. Unfortunately, her trip turned bad when she was getting ready to leave the country. She sent out a tweet revealing the bad news. Her laptop was stolen while at the airport. She made the announcement after she thanked China for the hospitality. She clearly learned the art of sandwiching the negative between a couple of positive statements.

After revealing the laptop was missing, she essentially offered a reward for its return, “offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it. xo L.” And she wasn’t about to be stingy about it. When asked what the reward amount would be, she left the field wide open and simply said, “Whatever it takes.” That is a dangerous statement and could really backfire on her. Whoever did take it could ask for a million dollars. And, for those who didn’t steal it, you better believe they are going to try their hardest to find it in order to sell it back to Lindsay Lohan.

So, what could make a $1000 laptop worth so much? Well, rumor has it there are some pretty risqué pictures on the laptop that she doesn’t want getting out. TMZ is reporting there are some nude photos of herself saved on the laptop. The photos are supposedly from various photoshoots she has done over the years. That means they are tasteful and not porn.

Okay, so let’s think about that. She posed for Playboy. Nude. She is always flaunting her boobs so that is nothing new. And once you have seen one or two vajayjays, you have pretty much seen them all. So what she is naked? She isn’t known for being real discreet or conservative. There has to be more to the story.

Apparently, the person with the laptop would also be privy to some “private correspondence” with some pretty famous folks including Lady Gaga and Woody Allen. Okay, again, who cares? Lady Gaga is always naked and pretty blunt in her own dealings with her fans and the media. What bombshells could be hidden in these emails? And Woody Allen? He is old enough to be her grandpa, so ew.

Lindsay Lohan has since deleted her tweet asking for the laptop to be returned. She hasn’t said if it was returned or if she decided against the reward thing. It sounds kind of fishy. Why would you tell people what they could find on the laptop? That is just asking for trouble. And, why would you keep anything that scandalous on a laptop that can be easily lost or stolen? If she insists on keeping that stuff close at hand, she should consider getting some security on it that would make it a little harder to break into to see all of her personal stuff.

Sounds like she misplaced it or one of her handlers left it somewhere. Or maybe it is just a publicity ploy. Justin Bieber already used that move a while back when he was promoting his video with Nicki Minaj. Old trick.

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