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Lindsay Lohan Tell-All Book Coming Soon

Lindsay Lohan is writing a tell-all book about her life.

Lindsay Lohan has struggled to get any real work as an actress since she has proven time and again she would rather be in jail or rehab than actually working. Over the past 5 years, she has struggled to land any parts and the parts she does land are usually on very low-budget movies. She has been blamed for helping those movies tank with her bad acting and her co-stars have complained incessantly about her bad behavior on set. That is when she actually showed up for work.

Unfortunately, when you don’t work, the money tends to dry up. Lindsay Lohan loves to live like she is a big movie star rolling in the dough, but she isn’t. There have plenty of reports of her depleted finances and stories about her relying on friends to keep her in the high life. Rehab isn’t cheap and neither is the army of lawyers she has to keep on the ready. So now, she needs a new gig. What’s left? Writing a tell-all book about her life.

It isn’t like the world hasn’t already been privy to the details of her private life, but she apparently wants to tell her version. While she cooled her jets in rehab this last time, Lindsay Lohan wrote in a journal as part of her therapy. She is hoping to turn those journal entries into a paycheck. She has been meeting with a literary agency in New York City in the hopes of landing a book deal. So far, nothing has been signed, but Lindsay is tenacious if anything and will keep at it.

Offers have come in for the book, but they are reportedly in the 6-figure range. She can blow through that in a matter of months. The meeting with the literary agent was filmed by Oprah Winfrey’s cameras as part of the little mini-series about Lindsay Lohan’s life after rehab. She has been living in a luxurious apartment in New York as part of her deal with Oprah. Along with the apartment and free publicity, Oprah is reportedly paying Lindsay $2 million for the 8-part series. That should help fill her empty coffers.

The only problem with a tell-all written by the woman who has never done anything wrong and is always the victim is the fact the book will be like reading fiction. Lindsay Lohan is not exactly known for being honest. She has no qualms about lying to judges and police, why would she actually tell the truth about what she really did and risk perjuring herself or ending up in more hot water? She wouldn’t. She isn’t that stupid.

The tell-all book will be about Lindsay Lohan throwing people under the bus. Expect to hear stories about Samantha Ronson, her sometimes assistant Gavin something or other and anybody else she has spent any time with. The most recent incident involving Barron Hilton will likely be included as well. She needs a hook to get people’s attention. She will promise to give people the real story when in fact, it will be nothing more than a spun piece of copy meant to make her look like the victim.

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