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LinkedIn Will Launch Publishing Platform


LinkedIn, the social networking site driven towards business professionals, has taken a major step towards allowing users to write articles and share useful posts, and becoming a blogging platform.


The publishing platform has been available since 2012, however, it was only available to active politicians and entrepreneurs such as President Barrack Obama, Richard Branson and Huffington Post founder, Ariana Huffington.


Most of the LinkedIn's users do not know how to express themselves in an effective manner when it comes to posting valuable information.


The publishing platform is now available for all users to showcase their talents. The company has restricted access to the first 25,000 users however, this will be extended in the future. LinkedIn is hoping that the blogging platform will increase the social network's traffic.


The more content users post on LinkedIn the more traffic the site stands to receive. As a result, the website will become more popular. Furthermore, users will have the opportunity to create more business ventures in the future. LinkedIn will launch the new blogging platform early in the morning, which will make the user's job experience much better.


LinkedIn was created to help business professionals and college graduates network and find jobs. The company has just over 277 million users and most of them don’t use the site as much as the founders would like. The blogging will attract more people to the site with more chances of capturing the attention of professional writers worldwide.


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