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Listening To Mainstream Media News Is Like Believing The Apocalypse Is Tomorrow

When Real Journalism Dies, Mainstream Media Outlets Thrive

Listening To Mainstream Media News Is Like Believing The Apocalypse Is Tomorrow

This isn't a new theory for most people, especially those that have gone the “cord cutting” way of life and no longer tune into as much mainstream media as most. However every once in awhile, me being one of those cord cutters for a few years now happens to catch some of the mainstream media in either digital print or over at someones house.

Examples of the mainstream media using scare tactics to gain more viewers is obvious in all publications, no matter what the news may be about. One of the first times I personally caught onto it was back when Britney Spears had her meltdown and shaving her head. Fuax news used the same music and layout in which their Amber Alert uses to promote news on Britney Spears breakdown.

Another great example is when news breaks on a new movement or a movement with new news. Most media outlets have ditched the journalistic efforts and simple look to get something published first, even if there is little no fact checking going on. This brings me to another point, world news.

Whatever country you may reside in you will notice one thing, the “world News” that is published is usually talking about how bad everywhere else is but that particular country. An example is when I travel to and from the US and Europe, In Europe everyone in America is seen as having a gun and shooting at each other, in the US Europe is getting bombed or attacked by some sort of extremist.

Now with all this being said, I do want to state that there are many problems in the world, however that doesn't mean there isn't just as much good. Bad news sells as it makes the reader or watcher feel better about their particular situation. There is obviously some physiological play at work in how the mainstream media plays it’s cards with those caught up in the hoopla, though I can also argue that these same “News” organizations are running a fine line with false advertisement.

This is why I always tell others to read, watch or listen to more than one source and don’t get caught up being “loyal” to a certain outlet. They don’t pay you a dime, but you pay them with your time, and at the end of the day time is the only thing we truly have.

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