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Lloyd Owen - Talented, Original and Spectacular

Lloyd Owen - Talented, Original and Spectacular
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What happens when you introduce Klaus Mikaelson to his biological father, a werewolf? Pure awesomeness ensues that’s what happens. Before the winter break of the hit CW series, The Originals, we saw our favorite hybrid come face-to-face with the man who helped give him life, a man he thought had died decades earlier. Turns out Esther rose Ansel, Klaus’ biological daddy, from the grave in order to regain control over her family. In an epic confrontation the father-son duo met for the first time and in pure Klaus fashion it ended with the death of his father.

So who was the man behind the awesome, yet brief, character Ansel? Lloyd Owen of course. The exceptionally handsome and talented actor breathed life into Klaus’ daddy and gave audiences another glimpse into what made the hybrid the untrusting, unpredictable vampire/werewolf he is. However, without Owen’s talents Ansel would have been just another character but thanks to the sensational skills of Lloyd Owen, Ansel became someone we rooted for and wanted to see stick around for a long time. Sadly, we did not get our wish however, we were lucky enough to speak with Owen about his experience on The Originals and we couldn’t wait to share it with our readers.


BECCA ROSE: What was it about the role of Ansel that intrigued you?

LLOYD OWEN: His poise, power and single-minded dedication to his son. He also possessed a native intelligence and sense of compassion that was refreshingly unsentimental. 

BR:What is it about The Originals that you think makes it such a successful spin-off?

LO: It is always the writing first. It has to be. Actors and directors have no chance to let fly without the material. But once you have it, you need to choose your folk carefully to make it sing. I think Julie Plec, Michael Narducci and the rest of the team on The Originals have chosen very well. 

BR: What was your favorite part of working on The Originals?

LO: Apart from Matt Hastings making me look like a badass street fighter in my first episode? I'd say getting dark in that forest with Klaus and sparking off Joseph Morgan for the 14 hours it took us to make that sequence. 

BR: Klaus is such a complex character, what do you think the dynamic would have been between him and Ansel, had your character lasted longer?

LO: A million dollar question - for which The Originals Writer's Room get paid. 

BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?

LO: Watching Wales play international rugby. 


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