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Lorde Coping with Double-Edged Sword of Fame

Lorde goes on Twitter tirade about paparazzi before taking out a full page newspaper ad to thank her fans and supporters.
Lorde Coping with Double-Edged Sword of Fame
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Lorde has had a phenomenal year after shooting to the top of the music scene and winning 2 Grammy Awards her first year out. To get to the top, there are a lot of things that must change in one’s life. Giving up privacy is one of those things. Lorde is cool with fans talking to her, but she is not happy about what fame has done to her normally average life. No longer can she walk through an airport without being chased by paparazzi and she doesn’t like it so she took to Twitter to complain about it.

After reading her series of tweets about the downfall of fame, you would think she had been in the spotlight for years instead of just a few months. She posted several tweets complaining about the welcoming she got after returning home to New Zealand. Oddly enough, shortly after her negative tweets, she took out a full page ad in a New Zealand paper to thank everybody for their support.

The ad was a hand-written letter that she addressed to her fans thanking them and expressing her shock at actually winning the prestigious awards. Clearly she is having a tough time dealing with the fame despite enjoying the attention. Fame is a double-edged sword. Celebrities have been saying that for decades. Lorde referred to the attention from the media as a “lecherous gaze.” It is probably a lot for a teen to take it. A teen that has been anonymous until her song, “Royals” blew up the charts last year.

Her week started off with a bang after winning those Grammy Awards and seems to be ending on a high note as well. Since she first came onto the music scene, people have questioned whether or not she was truly just 16. Of course now she is 17, but still a teen. She has made jokes about the allegations in the past, which led many to believe she truly was some 30-year-old woman passing herself off as a teenager. Not many adults would travel around the world with their mama as a minder. And now, there is proof she is truly a teenager. Somebody went and paid the $17 odd dollars to buy a copy of her birth certificate. Lo and behold, she wasn’t lying about her age.

Lorde, whose real name is quite a mouthful, Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, was born on November 7, 1996. Now all those that have been blaming her success on her mature vocals can sit down and find another reason to hate on the girl. She is just one of those people who has an old soul and it comes through in her music. Imagine what she will sound like in 20 years. Hopefully she can learn to ride out the downside of fame and will keep on making music. She tends to be fairly sheltered in New Zealand. Maybe she can just hang out there and release albums without doing a lot of press. And she will probably want to avoid any major airports if getting her picture taken truly bothers her that much.

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