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Man Arrested for Domestic Violence, Allegedly Hit Girlfriend with Anger Management Book

Have you ever gotten so mad that you acted on your anger and it ended up getting you into trouble?  And has that trouble ever then gotten you referred to an anger management program?  And then, while you were in said anger management program, did you ever think to use the coursebook from said program as a tool to help you take your aggressions out on another person?

No, of course you didn’t, because then this article would be about you and not about Tyler Ford, a 23 year-old man from Spartanburg, South Carolina who cops say was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal domestic violence, second offense, after he allegedly did something just like that.

As per a deputy report at the Spartan County Sheriff's Office, Ford was arguing with his girlfriend, 22 year-old Sheelah Thompson, at her Aspencreek Circle apartment while watching a movie.  (Is it wrong that we are sitting here wondering what that movie could have been?  Pulp FictionFight ClubMy Little Pony: The Movie?)  The fight supposedly started when Ford allegedly “popped” their baby daughter on the legs twice (whatever “popped” means) because she was crying.

Ford allegedly asked Thompson why she was deliberately trying to make him angry, knowing that he was taking management classes to deal with his anger.  When she supposedly responded with nothing more than a shrug, Ford then allegedly hit her with the rolled-up workbook on her foot, then again on her cheek.

Thompson had also claimed, according to the deputy’s report, that Ford had strangled her and threatened to kill her multiple times during this incident, and that he put her phone in the oven to prevent her from calling 911.  (No word as to whether or not he then turned the oven on.)

Ford told deputies that Thompson then went outside, and that he told her to come back inside, concerned that their neighbors would call the police.  (So much for that idea.)  Supposedly, this was then followed by a significant amount of hitting each other and a struggle over the door, and it was at this point that Thompson supposedly pulled out a box cutter and attacked Ford with it.  Ford said that after Thompson stabbed him, he shut himself in the bathroom - presumably until the police arrived.

Arresting officers confirmed that they had noticed a deep cut to one of Ford’s arms, as well as a bump on Thompson’s forehead that appeared to have been the result of the altercation.  It is unclear from the news reports referenced here who it was, in fact, that ended up calling the police.  There is also no word over who was caring for the baby girl after her parents were arrested.

A background check was run on Ford, which turned up a prior conviction for the charge of criminal domestic violence.  For allegedly attacking Ford with the box cutter, Thompson was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

Something tells us this isn’t going to go over well with the administrators of Ford’s anger management program. 

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