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Manchester United Are In 3rd Place And They Haven't Even "Clicked" Yet

The season is on track so far, but will they finish strong?

Manchester United Are In 3rd Place And They Haven

MUFC-- When the season began in the English Premier League this year there was a lot of pressure riding on Manchester United coach Louis Van Gaal. Fast forward to where we are now and the Red Devils are sitting in 3rd place, but the scariest part is that the team hasn't even clicked yet. With LVG having to start the season with plenty of injuries, enough to make your head spin and also having to adapt his philosophy to the EPL, being in 3rd place is nothing for the Manchester United fans to pout about.

Sure the gameplay hasn't been all too exciting at times, but living in this day of age and a handful of young supporters having never experienced life before the Premier League you would think by some of the complaining that Manchester United were about to be relegated. Whether it is getting all keyboard warrior and saying LVG needs to change the formation or even on who he should start, one thing those same complaining fans need to realize, this isn't a video game.

The coach has changed personnel, formations and the lot but that hasn’t made the team falter in terms of dropping down the standings. Over the past 20 games the Red Devils have only lost one game, better than any other EPL team during that same time frame. So why isn't Manchester united clicking just yet? Well it has a lot to do with the overhaul of the defense and the coach having to ensure he has enough support just in front of the back line so errors are few and far between.

Once the defense is fully sorted out and the starting 4 have been established then the rest of the team will fall into place naturally. Having never missed watching a game over the past 10 years at least, this year it is painfully obvious the defensive line is still out of tune when playing balls forward. Manchester United have played the most long balls in the EPL this year, and that has a lot to do with the defenders just lobbing the ball forward which gives little for the strikers to work with.

That is why when LVG takes one of the two strikers off in a substitution for a midfielder, goals start to appear. This time next year you will see a Manchester United team that has been clicking for some time, but in the meantime lets wait and see if the Red Devils can return to the Champions League and call this season a success. Who knows, an FA Cup trophy can also be added to the the trophy cabinet.

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