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Manchester United Fans, Legends & Haters....R.E.L.A.X

Manchester United Fans, Legends & Haters....R.E.L.A.X

MUFC-- When players retire from their respective club or team no matter what the sport may be, it isn't uncommon for those same players to slide in a remark or two about how their generation was better than the current one. Nothing could be closer than the truth than some of the more recently retired Manchester United players such as Gary Neville, Eric Cantona and Paul Scholes to name a few.

Most fans don’t mind a bit of it to be honest either, but there is a point in which it seems as if those same legends should be setting more of an example and not get caught up with the on again off again weekly drama. The tabloids are looking to sell headlines, whether it is through click bait tactics or legitimate journalism, and these same tabloids pay good money for inside access by hiring these former players.

Recent Manchester United retiree Paul Scholes has always  been considered one of the quieter ones on the Manchester United squad throughout the years, though since he has been retired he hasn't missed a beat to sell his high profiled opinion for a headline spot or five. Again he is qualified to have his say, but when the same slander hits the papers week after week by the same person it gets old, especially when the team is sitting in 3rd place and competing for the FA cup.

Maybe this has to do with his retirement being so recent and I am sure he feels he could help solve the midfield woes that are taking place. Only he could give an answer to that, but putting more pressure on a manager while sitting in 3rd and a chance to win the FA Cup isn't necessary. We are all supporters and as supports we need to show ours, no matter if you are a lifelong fan or ex United player.

When this season has come to a close and we know the results of where Manchester United stands in the EPL tables and how they finished off in the FA Cup, then and only then can we truly give an honest assessment on what needs to happen going forward. Lets not make this a weekly drama sitcom all due to a few papers wanting to sell some headlines on your time and money. This Manager has a track record that deserves one complete season at the bare minimum, this time last year he hadn’t even started his impressive run in the 2014 World Cup.

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