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Manchester United Is Humiliated against MK Don, And Deservedly So

Manchester United go from a loss, to a tie, to an ass kicking

Manchester United Is Humiliated against MK Don, And Deservedly So

Manchester United-- Where to begin….

Well it looks like Manchester United have sunk to an all time new low as a division 2 team mopped up the Red Devils in a spectacular fashion. 4-0 was the final result and to be honest it should have been a lot worse. Manchester looked as if they had never stepped on the pitch before and were completely outclassed in every aspect of the game, the worst part though was LVG just sitting there emotionless taking notes.

The 3-5-2 formation is looking to be all but dead in the Premier League, well especially with the current squad Manchester United have at the moment. Even though the game today (MUFC Vs MK Don) was a showcase for many of the younger and less likely to play Red Devil players, to say a division 2 team should have their way with any premier league team would never have been considered. The bookies were also quick to point that out as having MUFC as heavy favorites to take the game at hand, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

As a lifelong United support I can honestly tell you I have never been so embarrassed to say that is the team that has won the most tittle in England, let alone in the Premier League era alone. The defence was horrible, the offence was even worse, but hopefully this will drive in a few more signings if I had to take some sort of positive note from such a horrible outcome.

How on earth does a team such as Manchester United lose by 4 goals? Well some of us will say it takes time, while others are calling the suicide hotline for help. I wont be pressing the panic button just yet however, this was a team full of non starters, minus 1 or 2. Even though there were plenty of first team players that should have stepped up to the plate and lead the way in showing what it means to be a Manchester United player.

Di Maria will feel the pressure even more so now unfortunately, and I hope for his career that he jumps in the team and takes off like a rocket. I would hate to see some emotional fans take out their frustrations on a man that is transferring from a completely different league and a team that is stacked from top to bottom with stars. Till the day I die, Glory Glory Man United!

P.s - If we get back into Champions League this will all be forgotten, I’d rather use these games to test those younger players instead of an actual Premier League match. Also don't worry if you have never known about MK Don before now, chances are you'll never hear about them again.

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