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Manchester United Vs Liverpool, A Rivalry That Hast Lasted For Years

The rivalry of rivalries 

Manchester United Vs Liverpool, A Rivalry That Hast Lasted For Years

EPL-- Today’s fans of either Manchester United or Liverpool may know that the teams are rivals, but hardly anyone would realize how deep it truly goes. The days before the English Premier League and the reigning dominance of “The Red Devils” in recent times, it was Liverpool who was the organization to represent England to the world. Those times have changed though in a big way as Manchester United recently lifted their 20th league trophy whereas Liverpool hasn’t done so in the modern game of the EPL.

The matchup between the two teams tomorrow will be a microcosm of the years past as the winner will most likely have the needed edge to solidify a top 4 finish. With a top 4 finish the opportunity to play in a European tournament would be solidified, a scenario both teams are desperate to make true.

Liverpool is coming off a win while Manchester United are arguably coming off their best game to date. The question comes down to the Red Devils though as Di Maria who is a british record signing didn't play in the last game due to a red card and skipper Wayne Rooney hasn't had his best games playing Liverpool at Anfield.

On the other hand Liverpool have been starting to click a bit, though their 1-0 win in their last match came from a bit of a lucky deflection. Will they keep longtime legend Gerrard on the bench and have him come into the game later on like he has been doing? Both teams have plenty of questions going into tomorrow, something that may play as a wildcard as the opposition won’t have a clue on how each other will lineup exactly.

Manchester United are currently 1 single point above their Liverpool rivals, so a win(3 points) can move MUFC 4 points clear, while Liverpool can take a win and put the pressure on with a 2 point advantage. I predict it will have a final score of 2-1 with Manchester United taking the full 3 points, though their defence has been known to give up easy goals when you least expect it.

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