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Manny Pacquiao Could End His Boxing Career Tonight With A Win Or Loss Against Timothy Bradley

What is the future for the Pacman with a win or a lose in tonight's boxing match against Timothy Bradley?

Manny Pacquiao Could End His Boxing Career Tonight With A Win Or Loss Against Timothy Bradley

It doesn't seem that long ago when we were hyping up a fight between two of Boxings biggest stars currently. Whether you are a Pacman fan or one of Floyd “Money Maker” Mayweather haters, the fight had all the makings to be one that could have broken pay per view records, the key phrase though is “could have been”. Unfortunately for Pacquiao fans that fight looks to never be on that will materialize, well unless they choose to remake the Movie Grudge Match.

Since those days have come and gone for us fans, Manny Pacquiao has had some rough patches in his life. With a loss tonight, it would show Pacquiao has only won one fight out of his last 4, so his future and really his legacy in the sport of boxing is hanging in the balance with tonights fight. Yes je will most likely go on to be a great politician for his native country in the Philippines, but as a world icon for boxing he may get lumped into a crowded second tier of boxers from the history of the sport.

This isn’t being written to bash on the Pacman, shoot I have been a fan of his since the first time he fought in Las Vegas against Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. Though I am a guy who looks at sports with wide eyes and an understanding that we toss around the terms “great ones” and “legendary” way to easily. Thankfully for Pacquiao though, Timothy Bradley is a big name in a sport that relies on big names to deliver big viewership.

Living in a world that is a “what have you done for me now” kind of place, a win over the undefeated boxer in Bradley could once again catapult him into the limelight for a potential fight against the greatest boxer the sport has seen since Mike Tyson, in Floyd the money making Mayweather.

Whether the Pacman gets a win or takes the loss, do you think in 20 years from now he will have done enough for anyone outside the boxing world to recognize him as one of the “greats” in his weight class? Only time will truly tell, but I think he may have enough in the tank for one last big win, just as long as he doesn't need another nap :).

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