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March Madness: West Virginia Get Destroyed By Kentucky Who Continue Unbeaten

The unbeaten streak continues 

March Madness: West Virginia Get Destroyed By Kentucky Who Continue Unbeaten

MARCH MADNESS-- Daxter Miles Jr made headlines this past week as he claimed his team(West Virginia) would send Kentucky home making the Wildcats finish 36-1. Boy was he way off as Kentucky absolutely dominated the game in every aspect winning the game a whooping 78-39, but that wasn’t the low point for Daxter.

The number 1 he thought his team would place on Kentucky's unbeaten season with their first loss was actually the state Dacter got, 19 minutes of pt with a single, yes you heard right, a single rebound. Let that be a lesson to all rookies who are bench players, don't talk on behalf of your team because you want your 15 minutes of fame. This is a team sport and with one teammate acting out of order has now caused his entire school to be humiliated, all because he has a “me” moment.

One of the positive notes for the game came from Kentucky's bench, every single player recorded some game time. The starters for the Wildcats have been gaining all the attention and deservedly so, but those that hussle at practice deserve some praise as well. Feel good moments are always nice, unfortunately sometimes it comes at the expense of another team getting humiliated, but hey they don't call it March Madness for nothing.

Taking a quick glance at the statline for the game it is easy to see where the game was won and where it was lost. West Virginia was held to a horrific .241 shooting, turned the ball over 13 times and trailed by as much as 41, though it averaged about 30 for the entire 2nd half.

Kentuckys defence was on point in this game and coach Calipari will have to make sure his team is ready to face Notre Dame in the next round. Will Kentucky go on to win the entire tournament and remain unbeaten? Time will only tell, but thankfully the amount of time isn't much longer than a few weeks.

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