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Marrakesh, Morocco - An Exciting City

Catch a glimpse of Marrakesh, Morocco and plan an exciting excursion to this magical city

Marrakesh, Morocco - An Exciting City
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Morocco is considered one of the most desirable locations to visit and tour and get to know well for it is the land of many activities and cultures that blend together and form some of the greatest vacation experiences one can explore.

From the national Moroccan tourist office this press release was added to its website, “The Moroccan National Tourist Office is delighted to announce the launch of the 2014 edition of MEET Morocco. This 92-page, high-quality publication highlights Morocco's suitability as a destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, with features on the kingdom's principal regions, the main visitor activities, new infrastructure and hospitality developments, meetings facilities and a comprehensive list of hotels.”

According to a New York Times travel guide piece written by Charlie Wilder in December 2010 this is what he had to say about spending 36 hours in Marrakesh, Morocco, “IN 1939, George Orwell wrote of Westerners flocking to Marrakesh in search of “camels, castles, palm-trees, Foreign Legionnaires, brass trays and bandits.” Ever since, the city has been ravishing visitors with its teeming souks, ornate palaces and sybaritic night life. In recent years, a succession of high-end openings and restorations — most notably, the lavish reopening of the hotel La Mamounia — has transformed the city into an obligatory stop for jet-setters. Yet despite Marrakesh’s new cachet, the true treasures of the enigmatic city still hide down dusty side streets and behind sagging storefronts.”

It is a very exciting and high energy city with many merchants and tourists haggling over prices about the cities vending and store fronts in search of tremendous deals on the handmade items that are available at the market place every day.  Lots of artistic well fashioned items are brought to market to be sold in the whirlwind of the Marrakesh Marketplace.  Ceramic pieces, handmade rugs and trinkets and souvenirs are available for purchase.

As Charley Wilder puts it, “For sheer energy and intrigue, few places rival the labyrinthine souks of Marrakesh’s fortified old city. Skullcapped artisans sweat over ancient lathes while overdressed French tourists haggle over inlaid cedar boxes and silver lamps. In recent years, up-and-coming designers have opened fashionable boutiques in the Souk Cherifia that put a contemporary twist on Arab-Andalusian motifs. Lalla (Souk Cherifia, First Floor, Sidi Abdelaziz; 212-661-477-228; opened in 2008 and carries slouchy Mauritanian leather handbags that are carried in stylish London stores like Paul & Joe and Coco Ribbon. The designer Marion Theard recently opened La Maison Bahira (Souk Cherifia, First Floor, Sidi Abdelaziz; 212-524-386-365;, which sells her signature handwoven textiles, hammam towels and embroidered pillows. For a break from the haggling, stop by Le Jardin (32 Sidi Abdelaziz, Souk Jeld; 212-524-378-295), a cafe that opened its doors last month and is owned by Kamal Laftimi, a young Moroccan also behind the popular Café des Épices and Terrace des Épices.”

Washington D.C. flights to Marrakesh plane tickets are available for about $860.00 round trip.  Hotel prices vary from $43.00 to $78.00 per night on the cheap side, the five star hotels may be upwards of $200.00. Travelocity can help you with the best rates for your budget. 

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