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Media Outlets Release 911 Tapes From Sandy Hook

911 tapes released from Sandy Hook tragedy

Media Outlets Release 911 Tapes From Sandy Hook
Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee, via AP

December 14th will mark the year anniversary of one of the most horrific acts of gun violence America has seen. It was a day where innocence was lost and young lives were brutally ripped apart. Only a few days before Christmas in the quiet town of Newton, Connecticut a disturbed young man, Adam Lanza, walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and massacred 26 people inside, including 20 students.

This shooting came among an entourage of violent killings including a recent shooting at a movie theater. It brought about a well-known argument about the gun laws America has set in place.

The tragedy affected everyone across the globe, not just those directly involved, and has continued to be one of the most horrific events of this generation. In the last year investigators have been trying to determine a motive for Lanza’s outburst and incredibly horrible killing spree but they have only come up short-handed. Then again, what motive could one have to kill innocent children?

Following the events the news descended on Newton, CT to cover the unfolding tragedy. However, due to the sensitive nature of the tragedy reporters tried to cover the news respectfully with the victims and their families in mind.

The question remains as to why news outlets choose to release Lanza’s name in the first place and continuously mention his name in their reports. There have been copycat shootings from killings that were highly publicized. Madmen, who want the fame, no matter the cost. It is of this writer’s opinion that no gunman in these massacres should receive any notoriety for their terrible acts of violence.

Despite the media’s attempts to remain respectful during the unfolding events, a recent decision made by a few popular news corporations including CNN and USA Today has become quite questionable. The 911 tapes have been released and some news organizations have chosen to make them public. In what world does America need to hear the frantic and terrified voices of Lanza’s victims? Why do the families of these victims need to relive that day in such a graphic way? These audio files hold no relevance for the world to hear. There is no need to listen to people during their last few moments of life.

We will not learn anything new from these tapes that we didn’t already know. The only thing we will hear is the desperate voices of those trapped inside the school with a psychopath who was there for blood. Parents do not need to hear the teachers of their children begging for help and desperately trying to shelter the innocent children under their care.

It is this writer’s belief that any news outlet that chooses to release these tapes for the public to hear are disrespecting the lives that have been lost and the families affected by the tragedy. Rather than listen to these tapes we should focus on trying to better our world and ensure something like the tragedy at Sandy Hook never happens again.


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