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Michael Lohan Defends Lindsay Lohan Says she is Innocent

Lindsay Lohan's daddy says his daughter called him after she saw drugs at the Miami party.
Michael Lohan Defends Lindsay Lohan Says she is Innocent
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Lindsay Lohan and her daddy, Michael Lohan, have a love-hate relationship that makes them the poster family for a dysfunctional family. Whenever Lindsay gets in trouble, Michael comes running and gives interviews and showboats on television. He does his best to present himself as the doting dad, but she has made it clear on numerous occasions he is anything but. Once again, Lindsay is involved with more headlines indicating she may have been involved in a crime.

And once again, Michael Lohan is posturing for the cameras. This time, he not only asserts his daughter is completely innocent in the Barron Hilton beatdown situation, but that she left because the party was not good for her sobriety. Typically, most parties involve alcohol. You would think she would know that and not go, but Lindsay likes to party. However, there have been photos released that show alcohol was not the only substance available at the Miami mansion. It looks like there was cocaine and cannabis. Again, pretty typical of any party and not at all surprising.

Michael Lohan manages to insert himself into the middle of Lindsay Lohan’s troubles by talking to reporters and claiming she called him from the party. Poor LiLo was distraught and needed her daddy. He says, “Daddy they're partying here. They're drinking and using cocaine and I don't wanna be in this situation.” Isn’t that what every 27-year-old estranged daughter does when she sees such things happening?

He goes on to say that Lindsay Lohan immediately left the party in order to protect her sobriety. Michael Lohan says Lindsay jumped on a private jet to escape the drugs. Weird, because there is a video of her leaving the house in the morning. In an SUV. And, she posted plenty of pictures of her partying in Miami on Saturday night as well. Most people don’t take jets down the street. It was actually Monday when Lindsay called in a favor and got a ride on a private jet. That is nearly 3 days after the attack and the party. She wasn’t exactly running from the alcohol and drugs.

Lindsay Lohan’s security guard was with Michael and swears his charge was totally sober. He also says Lindsay was in another part of the mansion, but she was there. The security guy also says they left shortly after the incident happened and saw Barron Hilton come running out to blame Lindsay for the attack. Michael begs people to leave his daughter alone and start taking the responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan is once again a victim, as always. When she stole the necklace, when she ran into a giant truck, when she ran somebody over, she was always the innocent party. The devil made her do it.

Although there are rumors the Hilton clan is planning to take Lindsay and her cohorts to court, there has yet to be any official claims. This is just another case of a celebrity getting away with bad behavior.

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