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Michael Malarkey, We Freaking Love You!

Why we love Michael Malarkey

Michael Malarkey, We Freaking Love You!
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It seems as though the hit CW series, The Vampire Diaries, has found some of the hottest and most talented actors in the world and placed them into one incredibly addicting television drama. While the show has both brought in new characters we’ve come to love it has also killed off some of our favorites, like Alaric Salztman played by Matthew Davis. This season a new character was introduced, one that this writer finds incredibly fascinating and addicting and that is all due to the incredible acting of one, Michael Malarkey.

Malarkey entered the supernatural world of Mystic Falls this season as one of the Augustine vampires and Damon’s cellmate, Enzo. This vampire was a lot calmer than one would think he should be considering he had been locked in a cell for years and had been a guinea pig for the Augustines.

Immediately fans were hooked on Enzo he was clever, funny, sarcastic and dare we say incredibly sexy. Although no one can replace Alaric and the friendship he had with Damon, it was nice to see the unpredictable vampire with a true friend. Malarkey embodied the role and brought about a new reason to love the modern day vampire.

It seems as though Malarkey has something different and special about his acting. It comes so easily to him and that shows through in his roles. Furthermore, the actor took to the fans of the hit series immediately. Connecting with them on social media and making sure they knew how much they were appreciated.

It is difficult for an actor to maintain a connection with fans all the time because of their busy schedules but Malarkey doesn’t seem to let his busy schedule get in his way. He makes sure to respond to as many tweets and interactions with fans as he can and if that is the only way he’s able to connect with his fans, then it’s a good way of doing it.

Considering we’re huge fans of The Vampire Diaries we are thrilled that although Enzo has died on the series, he is still seemingly around and seeking revenge, which lets be honest looks damn sexy on him.  

Thank you Michael Malarkey for being everything a talented actor should be and for giving back to your fans!

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