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Microsoft Aims At The K-12 Education Market With 'Ad-Free Bing'

Microsoft is getting back to the education aspect of the consumer market.

Microsoft Aims At The K-12 Education Market With

MICROSOFT INC-- Well it looks like Microsoft is not only playing nice with Google these days, ever since the change of commands at the HQ, but they are following their footsteps into the school scene as well. While there is no blaming Microsoft with this approach as they have to right a sinking ship after the disaster after disaster their smartphone, tablet and Windows OS releases have been in comparison to the competition.

The Bing Without-Ads Engine as it’s being called has moved passed the pilot stage and into the main consumer in the K-12 market in America. Matt Wallaert is the creator of the Bing in the classroom approach and was quoted as saying, Bing in the Classroom is a digital literacy program focused on helping kids learn how to use search to inspire curiosity and learn by doing, rather than just copying worksheet questions into the search box.”

Last August Microsoft started this education program, however Google has been doing the same thing since 2007 and also offering a similar approach to businesses. This can only help drive the market for better options and solutions for the consumers demands. Microsofts overhaul in recent times look to have been a good thing, and the last few bits of news that has broken in the past month or two have all seemed like a step in the right direction.

The K-12 approach is getting back to fundamentals in building a whole new group of followers that will most likely stick with the operating systems the grow up with and know inside and out. Most likely a packaged deal which will include a “Education Windows OS” and a cheap notebook design in the same sense as Google Chromebooks are. Microsoft has the ability to play the the whole PC market from high to low priced devices, so it looks like they are literally starting from the ground up.

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