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Microsoft Was A Thing Of The Past, Steve Ballmer Looks Towards The Clippers As His Future

The deal is in place but there is still plenty of drama left in this saga.

Microsoft Was A Thing Of The Past, Steve Ballmer Looks Towards The Clippers As His Future

NBA-- There is almost no chance you have missed this ongoing saga between Donald Sterling and the NBA over the past few weeks. What began as a talk between a billionaire and his young female “companion”, soon escalated into a recorded call that would show Donald Sterling in the worst light possible. Racism isn’t dead by any means, though we are making progress on a daily level, there is still a large portion, be it older, but no the less large portion of owners of not just NBA teams but companies in general that are from a “different time.”

Now that isn't an excuse for these elderly folk to open their mouth an spew hurtful, hateful and racist slurs, but as they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Thankfully the clippers have a man in shining armour, well better yet a man with billions of dollars in Steve Ballmer who actually might even be a savior in my players eyes who don't even play for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The recent reports show that Steve Ballmer has put in a $2B bid to take over the Clippers, and yes that is a capital B as in Billion. This has caused both a lot of “wtf!?” and also a sigh of relief in which the NBA has shown to Sterling in deciding to drop any charges thanks to Ballmer's bid.

This turns out to be a great deal for all parties, pending the Clippers don’t tank anytime in the near future and drain Mr. Ballmer's funds to the point he is over being an owner of the NBA team. Not only can owners around the league sit back and not have to worry about the awkward vote of casting one of their own into the wind, but the NBA can drop what would have been a high profile case that would put all parties in a controversial light for the media to portray.

The real problem now rely on Donald Sterling and his laughable attempt at sueing the NBA for a $1B, in which he is claiming that his constitutional rights and antitrust laws were violated. The best part is that if Donald Sterling won, it’s his wife who would be getting the worst end in the deal as she would be forced to pay back any damages to the NBA. So in turn this has gone from Donald Sterling and his estranged wife fighting to keep the Clippers, to Donald sanctioning himself on an island all alone against the BA and the woman that knows him better than himself these days(it has been noted that Donald Sterling may have alzheimer's)

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