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Miley Cyrus Cranks Up the Crudeness

Miley Cyrus can’t stop acting like a rebellious teenager as she continues to try her very best to prove to the world she is no Disney girl.
Miley Cyrus Cranks Up the Crudeness

Miley Cyrus can’t stop acting like a rebellious teenager as she continues to try her very best to prove to the world she is no Disney girl. It has been a couple of years since Miley portrayed Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, but she is somehow convinced people still see her as that squeaky-clean beautiful young girl on the show. Miley is convinced she will forever be plagued by that image and will always be stereo-typed as that girl from that show.

So, what does one do when they want the world to know the image was all a fake? Said person runs around almost naked and does really stupid, vulgar things. Or at least that is what Miley Cyrus has decided to do.

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley decided she needed to make a statement, again. Yes, she is always raunchy and pushing the limits of propriety by flashing more skin than most females would ever consider, but last night takes the cake. Miley has truly outdone herself in the raunchy category. Congratulations to her. Nobody will ever think she is a respectable girl again.

It all started out normal enough. Okay, no it didn’t. Miley’s performance was an absolute, complete disaster. It is hard not to be embarrassed for her and her parents. From the second her giant teddy bears appeared on stage, you knew things were about to get weird. And then the bear’s belly opened and revealed Miley, half-naked as usual, with her tongue out.

What is with the tongue? It is like a cross between Steven Tyler and a Great Dane. There was no trace of that sweet, little girl America fell in love with. In her place, was a vulgar, crass young woman who is riding on the coattails of her sexuality and clearly loving every minute of it.

To be completely honest, the first half of Miley’s performance wasn’t all that exciting. Stupid, but not too exciting. And then Robin Thicke came out and things took a very wrong turn. Miley’s butt shaking was elevated to a new level as well as her desire to crank up the crudeness. After ripping off that ridiculous teddy bear outfit, she revealed a nude pair of latex shorts that were so tight, they practically cut off her circulation. Her crop top was thankfully snug enough to keep other things contained and covered. Thank goodness for the little things, right?

And then chaos ensued. The married father began belting out his hit song and Miley was overcome with the need to back her butt right up into him and do a little shimmying and shaking. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she took that obscenely long tongue and gave him a lick on his neck. His wife was probably very pleased to see that nasty little move. Miley continued to molest the “Blurred Lines” singer with a foam finger and then turned it on herself. She seemed to really like that finger.

The A-list audience couldn’t hide their shock and definitely not awe. It had to have been extremely awkward to watch Miley embarrass herself so badly. Will Smith and his family were horrified judging by the looks on their faces. Horrified and completely confused. Rihanna, who is known for being pretty raunchy herself, looked downright irritated with the display.

Then there was Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who seemed a bit shocked and well, disgusted. Both of those ladies have managed to transition from teen queens to successful adult artists without getting nearly naked and writhing on men. Maybe Miley ought to ask for some pointers from the classy ladies. The guys from One Direction seemed a little confused and well, quite frankly, very happy by the dancing that normally one has to pay to see at a special club.

All in all, Miley Cyrus has a nice voice, but her antics make it nearly impossible to hear it. Your mind is so overwhelmed with the images you are exposed to; your ears seem to simply tune out the rest. Miley didn’t even stick around to see if her song won an award and left right after her performance. Maybe she pulled a muscle or something.

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