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Miley Cyrus Crying

Miley Cyrus is having a terrible week, but the show must go on. Although nobody really knows for sure how long ago she and Liam Hemsworth broke up, the pain is something that you can’t blink away in a day, a week or even a couple of months.
The couple confirmed the broken engagement last week, within hours of pictures of Liam and another woman hitting the internet. Liam was enjoying some time in Las Vegas and seemed to be quite enamored with a young woman named, Eiza Gonzalez. You have probably never heard of her, but she is a big deal in Mexico. And now, she is a big deal in America because of her fling with Miley’s ex. Fame is contagious.
Miley has a lot going on in her life at the moment. She has two singles that are tearing up the music charts, plenty of controversy surrounding her ridiculous antics, and now the very public breakup. The girl is the poster child of a person going over the edge. Even Elton John is convinced she is a meltdown waiting to happen. Anybody would be with that much pressure pushing in on them.

Miley’s latest single, Wrecking Ball, is killing the charts right now and it seems like the timing couldn’t have been better planned. The song is an emotional breakup song and it sounds like it was probably written from personal experience. It proved to be a little too much for Miley during her performance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival at the MGM Grand in Vegas this weekend. Although she looked like typical Miley in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination, the live performance of the song was difficult for her. During the song, it was evident she was very emotional. Her mascara streaked down her face and her voice was shaky as she struggled to get through the lyrics. Her fans were just as emotional as they watched her work through her heartache on stage.

Of course, Miley is a performer first and foremost. Earlier in the set, she rocked her dance hits, We Can’t Stop and Party in the U.S.A in typical rebellious fashion. She did her twerking thing, shook her butt, rubbed one of her dancer’s butts and so on. She is running out of things to do to spark controversy, but basically, she wanted critics to know she can’t be stopped or tamed or whatever. Say what you want, she insists it is who she really is inside and she is living it up at the moment. Smart girl, because in a couple of years nobody will care if you walk naked onto the stage and shake your butt and other things.

As if to prove her broken heart wasn’t going to keep her from thumbing her nose at society’s prudish rules, she essentially did show up naked to one of the gatherings backstage at the festival. A crocheted dress isn’t exactly the thing to wear to cover your modesty. Thankfully, she covered her nipples with black pasties and wore a very revealing pair of underwear underneath to cover her lady bits. The outfit looked like something a bride would wear on her wedding night. The funky fur sleeves and white-collar were at total opposites with the dress. Cover the neck and arms and leave the rest on full display?

That is certainly one way to get back at an ex. Show him (and the rest of the world) what he is missing. Of course, Miley may be bummed about her recent breakup, but if rumors are to be believed, she has already filled Liam’s side of the bed with her friend and music producer, Mike WiLL Made It. The evidence is a couple of pictures of Mike and Miley getting pretty close and cuddly. But, if that is the only proof, it sucks. She tends to get kind of clingy with a lot of people. A few pictures of her having fun with a friend are not exactly concrete evidence she has decided to get romantic with the guy. And the tongue thing? Shoot, she sticks her tongue out at everybody. How can that even be considered proof she is dating the guy?

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