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Miley Cyrus Inspires Most Popular Halloween Costume

Miley Cyrus's VMA outfit is the most popular costume this year with stars like Paris Hilton, Kelly Ripa and even Joan Rivers trying it on for size.
Miley Cyrus Inspires Most Popular Halloween Costume
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Everybody hates Miley Cyrus, but they all want to be her judging by the Halloween costumes. Miley’s little teddy bear outfit from her performance at the Video Music Awards in August is clearly the most popular among the celebrity crowd. It has been repeated over and over again with ladies taking a walk in the wild child’s shoes. Everywhere you look there are teddy bears, but not the kind you would associate with little kids. Nope, these are very provocative a la Miley Cyrus nastiness.

Paris Hilton was the first celebrity to step out in the sexy costume. Paris is known for dressing extremely sexy on Halloween and clearly this Miley costume was too good to pass up. Although, it did cover a lot more skin than Paris flaunts on the spooky holiday. Of course, she rocked it and added her own touch of glamour by pairing the teddy bear costume with a pair of stiletto heels, sparkly jewelry, and a little fur shrug to ward off the chill.  

Then Crystal Harris added her own spin to the VMA outfit that was hidden under the teddy bear suit. Instead of a latex 2-piece, Crystal donned a tiny little dress in the same color and put her blonde hair up into those weird little pigtails. Her geriatric hubby, Hugh Hefner, fulfilled the role of Robin Thicke in the Beetlejuice suit.

And if you are into being scared on Halloween, Joan Rivers even dressed up as Miley Cyrus. Ack! Before you scream and shield your eyes, it really isn’t so bad. She wore a fat suit under an outfit that was designed to look like Miley’s latex number. Joan posed with an extra-long tongue hanging out of her mouth for good effect. Giant spindle-looking things were on top of her head to account for Miley’s tiny pigtails and of course, Joan wasn’t about to miss the chance to play with a foam finger.

And last not most definitely not least, Kelly Ripa dressed as Miley Cyrus in the teddy bear outfit for the taping of her show, Live with Kelly and Michael. She got really into the costume and even wore a nearly identical nude-colored 2-piece under the bear costume. Her co-host, Michael Strahan, filled the role of Robin Thicke. Hands down, Kelly did the best Miley imitation. She didn’t seem to mind rubbing her backside against everybody or sticking her tongue out.

Now, these ladies all thought it would be cute to imitate the 20-year-old Miley Cyrus, but Jenny McCarthy had to add her own quirky sense of humor to the situation. Instead of dressing up in some risqué outfit inspired by the “Wrecking Ball” singer, Jenny decided to go as the other star of the show and it wasn’t Robin Thicke. Jenny dressed up as Miley’s tongue for her day at work as a host on The View.

Seems like Miley Cyrus ought to talk to her people and look at cashing in on the fact she is the inspiration behind one of the most popular costumes this Halloween. It must be hard to try and find the right outfit to shock people when everybody is copying you. Guess that is why she copied another artist known for her shock value.

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