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MMA Needs More Than Just Ronda Rousey For Growth In MMA For Women

There is room for growth

MMA Needs More Than Just Ronda Rousey For Growth In MMA For Women
Image Created By Jonathan Parkinson, Image Sourced From PedroGaytan via Wikimedia Commons

MMA-- Whether you are a fan of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts or not there is no denying it has carved out its place, more specifically the UFC which has taken over the scene in which boxing once dominated with no real opposition. Fighting has been a predominantly male sport for the most part and it is still that way today, however women are starting to make a push into the sport MMA and Ronda Rousey is the main fighter.

Ronda Rousey is slowly becoming a household name due to her dominate fashion in the cage and a growing presence on the big screen in Hollywood. Even though she is making her mark in deserved fashion you can’t help but notice she is holding up the women in MMA alone. An example is easy to see with her big fight tomorrow(Saturday) against Cat Zingano who herself  is no small feat with a record of 9-0.

With the fight less than 24 hours away at the time of this post there isn’t much of a hint it is happening since this fight isn't on any of the news headlines, even in the sports column. There is a few reasons as to why this might be happening, one is the fact Ronda Rousey is that only dominant force and also the fact that women in the MMA is relatively new, especially in the UFC. Another reason I have seen being brought up more than once is the fact it is women, now these arguments are not saying only men can fight, but rather there are some people(men and women) who don’t enjoy watching women beat the crap out of each other.

I would like to “assume” that the people who are not into women fighting in the cage are not in favor of it due to purley not understanding these women are professional athletes. In general women's sports are not as televised as some of the male sports, though this is changing slowly and it will not be overnight.

A huge boost for women in MMA would be more weight classes, which in turn would create more champions and even more branding opportunities. As a new generation of women are seeing fighters like Ronda Rousey make a name for herself in and around the cage, just as we have seen the traditional “oldschool” male fighter evolve into an all arounder, so could we see an evolution for more successful women in MMA, and that is good for everyone.

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