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Momma Lohan Arrested?

Lindsay cleans up and then her mom makes up for lost time with the law.

Just when the Lohan family found a little peace from being plastered all over the front of the tabloids, Dina Lohan goes and gets arrested. Lindsay Lohan who has become most famous for her stints in rehab and jail has just been released from rehab. So far, so good. Unlike the last few times she went to rehab, this time seems to have really made a difference. Hallelujah! She has managed to avoid any run-ins with the police, which may have a lot to do with the fact she is staying out of the clubs, or she hasn’t been caught in them at least. It is rumored she has hired a sober coach to help her stay on the right path.


Her appearance is also much better. You can tell she is much healthier than she has been in the past. After nearly a decade of erratic behavior and walking a dangerous line, Lindsay has got her act together. Now if only her mother would do the same. Dina has been Lindsay’s strongest supporter and enabler. Some may remember the ridiculous interviews Dina gave following Lindsay’s troubles. Dina defended her daughter and blamed everybody else in the world except for herself and Lindsay. She was clearly in denial or outright lying. Lindsay was the family meal ticket for so long, Dina couldn’t fathom the thought her status as one of the moms of a celebrity had been revoked. So she lied. A lot.


And now, Dina has gone and got herself arrested. This family needs some serious help. It is no wonder Lindsay has struggled with her own addictions and demons. On Thursday night, Dina was out for a little drive in her hometown of Long Island, New York. Too bad she shouldn’t have been driving. She was wasted. Way to set a good example for your daughter who is a recovering addict. Thankfully, Lindsay isn’t living at home with her mother. She is staying in New York City with her little sister, Ali Lohan, who is modeling. The family loves show biz and one way or another Dina is going to maintain her social status.


Police pulled Dina over around 11pm for doing 77 in a 55 zone. The 50-year-old was given a blood alcohol test, which was a .2. Anybody who knows anything about the laws knows .08 is the legal limit. Mama Lohan more than doubled it. When she got arrested, her diva antics were alive and well. According to the police, “Lohan made an allegation that she was injured during the course of the arrest.” Emergency medical services were called, because she claimed to have been roughed up. Always look for drama. Of course, there was no sign of any injury and she quickly changed her story about being hurt. She was probably hoping to get out of the DUI or have some grounds to sue.


Dina was released after a few hours at the jail after being booked for DUI and speeding. She got to be just like her daughter and get her picture taken. Ever the wannabe diva, she gave a little smile for the camera for her arrest photo. Remarkably, Dina didn’t call one of her daughters to come pick her up from the police station. Some other unidentified person did the deed. In fact, sources say Lindsay didn’t even know about the incident until it hit the news today.


Can you imagine waking up to that news? It won’t be long now before Michael Lohan chimes in with his two cents. Dina and Michael are the poster parents of the supreme dysfunctional family. With their antics constantly making headlines, you cannot help but feel sorry for the kids that are forced to call them mom and dad. Unfortunately, there is still one Lohan living at home. Cody Lohan is only 16 and still under his mother’s supervision. If that is what you can actually call it with a mother who spent Labor Day weekend intoxicated and acting like a 22-year-old.  Hopefully, Dina will pull her head out of the bottle and get the help she needs. Lindsay does not need any more drama in her life and this is sure to cause some issues.  

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