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Mommy Of Twins, It’s Not Easy

I'm a mommy of twins 

Children are one of the greatest gifts a person can get, if they want them and are ready for them, but they can also be a handful, especially if you are blessed with having more than one at a time.

Most women know they want to be a mother very early on; sometimes they even have names picked out long before finding a husband. Once the little bundles of joy arrive the mother and father’s world changes, forever.

While there are many websites, books and other sources to help new parents cope with their new lifestyle, such as The Nest, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and much more they don’t always prepare the parents for the difficulties of raising a child. Each child is different and everyone has different parenting styles but for one mother living in New York, raising twin girls has become a major project. Of course, she could always turn to support groups such as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. for support and help.

This writer’s sister has been raising her twin girls for the last two years and has been doing exceptionally well considering the children have hit their terrible twos. The girls, despite being in their so-called terrible twos, are extremely well behaved and quite smart for their age. One of the girls, the younger of the two (granted it’s only by a minute) can point out each letter of the alphabet because she recognizes the letters, an amazing feat for her age. The other girl knows how to count up to sixteen, again a rarity for her age.

Although each day is different this mother of two tries to make sure her children has structure and fun even if they are simply playing in their playroom on the first floor of the three-floor home. Since her husband works all day the mother of two, who this writer should mention is expecting a third child in May, has the help of her father who is a retired Guidance Counselor.

This writer would like to tell you about this mother’s daily routine but the fact of the matter is with twins routine is hard to come by, still she does her best and the girls continue to thrive and grow surpassing all expectations of what kids their age should do, say and know.


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