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Movies with Romantic Cores that Men Also Enjoy

Want to watch a romantic movie with your dude, but he's not quite as into it as you'd like him to be?  Check out some of these older films that you can both enjoy.
Movies with Romantic Cores that Men Also Enjoy
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As a woman, do you find that you’re often watching films that you just know your boyfriend or husband would love, but he can’t get past the whole romantic aspect of it to actually sit down and watch it with you?  You’d never force him to watch The Notebook, but you think he might actually enjoy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - if you could ever get him to sit down and watch it.  But alas, if the film describes a romance anywhere in its description, most dudes tend to mentally check out.

Not all is lost, though, because there are some pretty romantic movies out there that come under the cloak of convincing camouflage.  The next time you want to do a movie night, throw on one of these films.  Your man will approve, because while they’re romantic at heart, there’s enough dude-friendly stuff to keep his interest.

Shaun of the Dead

What do you get when you mix British humor, zombies, and a rom-com?  Yep, Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead.  Shaun’s goal of keeping his recent ex safe during the zombie apocalypse is almost as touching as his bromance with his best friend, Ed.  That’s for the ladies (partly).  Plenty of laughs and busted heads result.  That’s for the guys.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin

You normally don’t think of The 40 Year-Old Virgin being a rom-com, but in essence, it is.  Steve Carell is teased and helped along by his buddies into finally scoring with someone, only to (spoilers) wait until marriage before losing his virginity.  (Cue the “awws” from the ladies.)  For the dudes, there are enough sexual jokes here to sink a ship, the comedy is killer (even if the film does drag on a bit longer than it should), and the parody of “Afternoon Delight” at the end of the film is classic.

Chasing Amy

Men and women alike can equally enjoy a Kevin Smith film.  All of his films have warm and gushy stuff at their hearts, while cloaked in an outer layer of “dick and fart” jokes, as Smith often lovingly refers to his older work.  Chasing Amy, though, could arguably be considered the most emotional of his films, complete with an epic monologue from Holden to Alyssa, the woman he loves but can’t have.

True Romance

Who’da thunk that anything Quentin Tarantino wrote could ever be classified as a romantic movie?  While not a rom-com per se, there are some funny moments in this Christian Slater film that involves a lot of guns, a lot of drugs, and a lot of love.  Also, you could probably make a drinking game out of how many times the “F” word is uttered here.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Director Edgar Winter must be doing something right, because this is the second of his films to end up on this list.  Scott Pilgrim is a wonderful film because it has a little bit of everything.  Razor-sharp wit, video game and pop culture references, and an intriguing plot all drive this romantic action film home.  What woman wouldn’t want a man fighting seven of her evil exes to win her love?  And what dude wouldn’t love to watch another dude kill his enemies and receive gold coins for his troubles?

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