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Moving Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From A Personal Experience On Moving From The US To The UK.

So you've decided that moving abroad is the right thing for you or you are on the cusp of making that decision.
Moving Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From A Personal Experience On Moving From The US To The UK.
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So you've decided that moving abroad is the right thing for you or you are on the cusp of making that decision, either way you should do it. Now it may sound like it’s easy for me to sit here and say that, especially when it may be you who is going through a bit of anxiety. However I too am sitting here on a verge of moving from the US to the UK in just over 2 months time. Though my fears are more on the pre-setup phase such as housing and the thought of being alone for a bit until I can socialize and meet new friends, but that is all apart of this great adventure.

This is probably going to be one of the harder things to deal with for most, the moments of being alone can kind of creeps up on you and make you start thinking of things a little too deep like "did I make the right decision", "what happens if I am in trouble" and so on. Those thoughts should never stop you, especially when majority of them are more or less created in a "TV" sitcom scenario. Although you might be a bit bored or have a little too much free time on your hands in which you should be occupying it with something like a hobby or getting out into the city and seeing/meeting new people. Remember, you moved to another place for the experience, so get out and experience it.

No one is going to come to your flat to knock on your door to break you out of a bad funk, so it’s important to go to pubs, coffee shops and other social meetings places in order to break yourself out. Well this is my plan anyways on how I am going to combat that free time, especially since I write for a living and have a lot of “alone” time as it is and need to shake it up with some socialization. Today's travelers are a lot more fortunate than those 20+ years ago, we have the greatest tool of all, the internet.

Finding A Place To Live

Now before you move over to a new place such as London as I am or any other destination, it’s a GREAT idea to utilize the tools you can now, while you have some free time. The internet is probably the main tool you will need, as everyone is online these days and getting some extra information is just a few clicks away.

Scouting out affordable accommodations before hand is going to be your best bet to ensure you have enough funds to pay for food, room, utilities and of course a social life. Remember that cities like London can be expensive to live, so look on the outskirts if you want something a bit more affordable. Public transportation to the center of London is amazing, so as long as I can walk to the local Underground(tube), rail or buses then I wont have a problem.

When it comes to housing you might want to look into “room shares” or “Bedsits”, in which the first(RoomShare) is where you rent a room inside a flat(apartment/house) and there are people renting out the other rooms or even possible the same room. You will normally share the living room, kitchen and and a bathroom with 1-2 other roommates, unless otherwise stated.

Where as a Bedsit is when you will rent out a single room/studio that has a bed, kitchen, washer and normally a bathroom/shower, although the actual toilet might be a shared one in some instances. Personally as a writer a Bedsit is looking to be the best scenario for me, but it might not be about what you want so be prepared to compensate at the beginning and then later move into a place you find acceptable for a longer term stay once you have settled down a bit.


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