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MUFC Vs MCFC: 5 Things We Learned

4-2, Manchester United Smash On Rivals

MUFC Vs MCFC: 5 Things We Learned

DERBY DAY-- Twice a year these two teams play one another, both at home and then on the road at the visitors stadium. Of course I am talking about the famous derby day in the matchup of Manchester United vs Manchester City. This event was the 2nd leg of this seasons English Premier League and held under the lights at Manchester United's Old Trafford venue.

The game ended with the home team winning 4-2 and many questions are to be asked with with Manchester City having been slipping this late in the season. Now Manchester United sit 3 points clear of Manchester City, almost guaranteeing them a place in next years Champions League. Let’s take a look at 5 talking points we can take away from this years derby…

LVG Is A Man Of His Word

When Louis Van Gaal took over the Red Devils after the World Cup concluded during the American Tour, the team looked to be in fantastic form. Never losing any of their matches, many Manchester United supporters thought the season was all but locked up. As we found out and knew all along, the Premier League is miles apart for the MLS and teams playing a friendly.

A rough few months and plenty of injuries had some whispers of a “LVG Out” movement in the same sense as David Moyes had last season. However the fans stayed true and the matches passed by to find the Red Devils sitting in 3rd place and holding the fate of Champions League in their own hands.

Manchester United Fans Are A Proud Bunch

Derby matches bring out the loudest fans that is for sure and this matchup was no different. Manchester United faithful could be heard from across the pond in the states with how loud they cheered. Through the ups and downs since the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson retired had the fans been vocal in their frustrations, only now those jeers are loud cheers since LVG and his men are finally looking to have clicked. With a few world class signings this summer, Manchester United supporters will have even more to be happy about, especially in Champions League.

Ashley Young & Marouane Fellaini Have Resurrected Their MUFC Careers

This time last year there was no denying that both Marouane Fellaini and Ashley Young were seen as surplus baggage that should be sold off. Heck many fans were going so far as to say we should cut them and take the lose. Fast forward a full year and these two have been a savior in more than one occasion in Manchester United's quest to reclaim a Champions League spot.

Even with the signing of Angel Di Maria and Andre Herrera, both young and Fellaini and starters over them at the time of this last game against Manchester City. Though it should be said that Herrera has too found himself in a starting role now, however Di Maria is still adjusting to life in the EPL, but Ashley Young has been playing as if he is the better option anyways as of now.

MUFC Keep Improving, MCFC Keep Disappointing

Even before this game took place Manchester United could smell blood in the water as it has been known their rivals in Manchester City haven't been playing particularly good away from home. The beginning of the season saw the MCFC were the better team, although it could be said that MUFC had a scapegoat in the amount of injuries that continued to pile on. Now that both teams are playing at similar levels in terms of fit players, it is clearly seen that Manchester United are the better team.

Rumours are starting to fly that MCFC will look to overhaul their team over the summer as they have more than half of their team as “matured” players looking into their 30’s. MUFC on the otherhand are only looking to add to what they have already overhauled during the past 2 years. The EPL needs a team to represent their brand of football in the Champions League, Manchester United look to be the team that is being built just for that.

Michael Carrick Is Still Underrated

During his entire career so far at Old Trafford as a member of the Manchester Uniteds senior squad, Michael Carrick has been in the shadows. During the years with Ronaldo, that so far with Wayne Rooney and of course every other Manchester player has Carrick been a strong link between the defense and the offense. Little accolades have been given to him personally, but the true Manchester United fan knows how important he has been. Only look to when he returned from injury this season, only then have the Red Devils returned to form and been regaining their consistency.

Manchester United are going to need to make a signing in the summer to help add more support, Carrick isn't getting younger and injuries are a factor. With a focus on signing another solid midfielder and some more support in defence, Manchester united can once again reclaim their spot as the most feared team in England, and one day all of Europe.

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