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Netflix's Daredevil Helps You Forget The Movie Was Ever Made

Finally we can let go of that horrible movie

By Marvel Studios / Netflix [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

NETFLIX-- If there is one thing all Marvel fans and creators want to forget unanimously, it would be the Daredevil movie. Starring Ben Affleck, even this Hollywood actor is looking to move on in hopes that his new role as Batman will leave Marvel fans remembering him for just the one superhero role.

Thankfully though for Marvel fans and just fans of both comics and quality shows in general, Daredevil has been given a new lease on life. Within the first 10 minutes of the first episode it was plain to see(pun) that this was a darker much more fascinating take on the Daredevil storyline. Actor Charlie Cox plays the blind superhero, known also for his roles in Boardwalk Empire, The Theory of Everything and Stardust to name just 3. Scott Glenn, Rosario Dawson and Elden Henson all have recurring roles as well, making this a fine installment to Netflixs original lineup.

Without giving away too much about the first season, since the entirety of it was released all at once by Netflix, you can reassure a full review with spoilers will come about by weeks end. What I can say though without a spoiler alert is if you have had a chance to watch the TV series Gotham, the one based on Batmans childhood years and liked the way it was done, then you will love Daredevil.

Looking online I also ran into almost every possible good review you can think of and little to no bad ones. The verdict is out and Daredevil had a lot of making up to do since that horrific thing they called a movie, but the light is green and the fans are happy so far. Lets hope that the future seasons of this franchise are even better and continue down this dark alley of cinematography.

Will Daredevil make it to the big screen again in the foreseeable future? My guess is mostly likely a yes, but I suspect it will be that of a role player and note the main character, well at least until that bad taste Ben Affleck left in our psyche is finally put to rest.

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