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New York Opens First-Ever Animal Abuser Registry

Animal abuser registry opened, the first of its kind

New York Opens First-Ever Animal Abuser Registry
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Animal abusers have long been terrorizing innocent creatures and government and state officials have made a few strides to punish those abusers and try to put an end to the terror however, it is of this writer’s opinion that enough is not being done. Animals, especially our pets, are here to enrich our lives and give us companionship when we need it the most and yet some human beings feel it is their right and privilege to treat their pets however they feel, including beating and starving them.

While there is an entire police force in multiple states to rescue the abused animals and bring their abusers to justice, not enough was being done to prevent these abusers from ever owning a pet again.

New York however, is taking steps to help better protect our pets and keep abusers from torturing and killing pets that only want to love us unconditionally. It was announced this week that New York has created the first-ever animal abuser registry where convicted animal abusers would be required to register with the criminal justice services. This registry, very similar to that of the sex offender registry, will prevent these convicted animal abusers from ever owning another pet, which keeps those animals relatively safe from harm. Unfortunately there is no way to determine who, of those animal abusers not yet convicted, will treat their animals with kindness and who will use them as toys to hit, starve and torture.

The bill passed will enable the addresses and names of all New York convicted animal abusers to become available for the public to see. This will include adoption agencies who provide homes for abandoned, stray and abused animals. This registry will help them determine whether or not the home they are about to place a pet in is the right one and is going to a safe one where the animal will get the love and care they deserve.

The sad truth is that animal cruelty only became a crime a few years ago in 1999 when Buster’s Law came to pass. The story of Buster began in 1997 in Schenectady, New York. The cat was tortured and killed when its terrible and inhumane owners poured kerosene on him and proceeded to light him on fire. The law developed to make sure that people who do these kinds of terrible things are convicted and brought to justice.

The idea of animal abuse leading to violence against other human beings has long been a theory and proven fact and people who have the ability to willingly harm or kill an animal without remorse is the most terrible type person this writer can possibly think of.

While this registry is the first of its kind it is a step in the right director to helping to protect the animals that deserve nothing but love, kindness and a good home

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