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NFC & AFC NFL Championship Quick Recap

Here is a quick recap of this weekends action

NFC & AFC NFL Championship Quick Recap
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NFL-- Over the weekend we had the NFL Championship games for both the NFC and the AFC. The NFC matchup was between the Sea Hawks and the Packers up in a rainy Seattle, Washington. The AFC matchup was between the Patriots and the Colts in Foxborough, home to New England.

When it comes to looking at both games, they were polar opposite in how the entirety of the gameplay went. The NFC Championship game saw Seattle come from behind to beat Green Bay in a very unlikely scenario. Whereas the Patriots did a number on the Colts in a MAJOR blowout that wasn't expected.

Leading by 16 at half, the Green Bay Packers were in control of the game with their defense causing Russell Wilson to toss 4 interceptions and keep Marshawn Lynch at bay. However things took a different route in the 2nd half as the Packers looked to have stopped playing while the Sea Hawks were just warming up. The game went into overtime and Seattle scored a touchdown in their first attempt to finalize the game and keep the Packers from getting a chance to tie it up.

Meanwhile the Patriots kept scoring and scoring and scoring, while the Colts managed to only score a single touchdown the entire game. Tom Brady and their offence looked marvelous, and the defense looked to be on par with Seattle, which makes for a “hopefully” great super bowl.

Seattle 28 (W) - Green Bay 22

New England 45 (W) - Indianapolis 7

The Seattle Vs Green Bay game is one worth watching as their was plenty of plays that I don’t want to go into too much detail about because they were those “you gotta see it to believe it” to get the feeling of how big of a comeback this truly was. IF scoring lots of touchdowns is your thing, then look into watching the NE Vs IND replay, though it just get’s ridiculous before the end of the 3rd as far as how the score ends up.

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