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NFL Week 14 Post Match Review (W/ Video)

Week 14 NFL Post Match
NFL Week 14 Post Match Review (W/ Video)

Week 14-- We have almost come to the conclusion of yet another NFL season as the winter games start to take place and the playoff talk is in full swing. Which teams are starting to employed and what teams are looking to strengthen their chances to make the NFL Playoffs this season and make a run at winning the Lombardi trophy?

This week was broken up into 4 videos that are listed below. In each video I go over some of the key notes that took place(but not all) as well as the who ended up winning and by how much. There are a few notable games that took place, such as the Packers Vs the Falcons, The Raiders playing against the 49ers and even Tom Brady looking to continue his perfect steak against the Chargers.

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Peyton Manning broke a 4 year run at throwing at least 1 touchdown a game, this leaves him at 3rd in the all-time NFL list. C.J Anderson meanwhile rush for 3 touchdowns to lead the Broncos to a comfortable win to stay atop the division.

The 49ers lost to the Raiders which gives the silver and black 2 upsets on the season, the other was against the Kansas City Chiefs. Questions concerning the 49ers head coach and starting(currently) QB going into the offseason are really going to heat up after this loss.

Aaron Rodgers continues to impress even current hall of famers as he goes another game without throwing an interception, this makes his ration almost double to the next nearest QB in Tom Brady. Aaron at this point could be one of the earliest players to achieve the title of “guaranteed hall of famer” in terms of how many seasons he has played and the numbers he is producing.

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