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NFL Week 7 Post-Review (Part 1)

Part 1
NFL Week 7 Post-Review (Part 1)

WEEK 7-- Another week is in the books and there were a few notable standout performances from both individual players as well as whole teams. Let’s take a look at all the scores this week followed by a brief overview of what transpired in each matchup. This will include both the Thursday night game as well as the Monday night game, though the Monday night game will be update in this article once it has completed.

Away(score) - Home(score)

TNF: NY Jets 25 - New England 27(W)

These games always seem to produce either one hell of a game or a complete blowout, mostly in favor of the Patriots. However this turned out to be a great game, especially in the context of how the TNF games have been going so far. Tom Brady threw for 3 touchdowns and no turnovers, while Geno Smith has not turnovers himself, it was the lack of “mustard” in the offence that ended up giving the Patriots the win.

Atlanta 7 - Baltimore 29(W)

Coming off a record tying effort from Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens last week, this week it was the defence who stepped up to hold the Atlanta Falcons to just 7 points. Matt Ryan was sacked a total of 5 times on the day while still completing 29/44 228yds and a score, though Steven Jackson only had 8 attempts as the Falcons were playing from behind the whole game.

Minnesota 16 - Buffalo 17(W)

With just 3 minutes left on the clock the Buffalo Bills drove 80 yards to score a game winning touchdown, leaving just 1 second on the clock. The Bills slot both running backs in the game, while it is said the C.J Spiller is out for the remainder of the year with a broken collarbone.

Miami 27(W) - Chicago 14

O Jay…, reports are emerging that there was a bit of an argument in the locker room after the Chicago Bears fall to 3-4 on the season. It took until the 3rd quarter for the Bears to finally put up some points, but by that point the Dolphins had already brushed off last weeks unfortunate lose to the Green Bay Packers.

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