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Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers Even Up The Series, While The Second Set Of Games Are Set For Tonight

The series are even and game two of the second set of games start today.

Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers Even Up The Series, While The Second Set Of Games Are Set For Tonight

The two teams that were considered favorites before the series started both ended up losing their first game of the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. The Thunder we expected to win against the Clippers but with the first game of the series going as a lopsided victory to the Los Angeles Clippers, it made everyone question as to whether the Thunder had what it takes. However the second game of the series showed what can happen when both the recently crowned NBA MVP Kevin Durant and the Robin to his Batman in Russell Westbrook are in perfect harmony.

Game 1: LAC 122 OKC 105  |  Game 2: LAC: 101 OKC 112

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This wasn't the only game that was on last night either, with the Indiana Pacers looking to get even with the Washington Wizards who have been on a recent hot streak. The big story from this series so far of course is Roy Hibberts disastrous NBA playoff performance, which has gotten to a historic low in recording zero stats in game 1 against the Wizards. This would change though in game two as Hibbert put up a nice performance in scoring 28 points while also getting 9 boards, though he will need to keep up this performance to gain any type of remorse from the fans and a chance for the Pacers to win this series.

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The next set of playoff games will be the San Antonio Spurs versus The Portland Trail Blazers and The Miami Heat versus The Brooklyn Nets. Each game in this series is led by the favorite in the Spurs beating the Blazers in game 1 and the Heat doing the same against the Nets.  The games start today at 7:00 PM Eastern Time Zone with the Heat tiping off at home in Miami followed by the Spurs at home in the AT&T Center.

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