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Our Favorite Actors of 2014

Our Favorite Actors of 2014

With only two more days left in 2014 it is a time to reflect on the past year. Since we like to bring you the most entertaining stories we figured there could be no better way to reflect on a year gone by than to do so by determining who our favorite actors of 2014 are. Obviously this list was not easy to compile since so many actors seemed to shine this past year however, we certainly did our best. Let’s see how your list compares with ours. So without further adieu and in no particular order here is our list of our favorites.

Bradley Cooper - It is safe to say that Bradley Cooper has come quite a long way from playing the jerky fiancee, Zack, in Wedding Crashers. We have seen Cooper grow as an actor and develop his craft into something magical. He has proven to the world that he is not just another pretty face in Hollywood but that he is one fantastic actor. Plus, every time this writer gazes into those blue eyes of his it’s hard not to go weak in the knees a little bit.

Johnny Depp - It wouldn’t be a list of favorites if Johnny Depp wasn’t included in it, now would it? Sure, he’s made some mistakes this year and shown up completely wasted to an awards ceremony but come on guys, that’s just him. Depp has always been a quirky individual who doesn’t play by Hollywood’s standardized rules. He picks the roles most others wouldn’t dare touch because they’re too out there and he doesn’t care that he is practically the sexiest man on the planet. Furthermore he is probably one of the most talented actors in the world. There is nothing not to love about this man and when he makes mistakes we love him all the more. Johnny Depp will always be one of our favorite actors not just of 2014 but of all time.

Anne Hathaway - It is safe to say that Anne Hathaway has definitely grown since her days as a uncommon princess in The Princess Diaries (1&2). She blew the world away when she portrayed Fantine in the hit musical adaptation, Les Miserables, and proved that she has more talents than just acting. She has since been improving her career and her craft and taking on roles that make her stand out among her peers. Hathaway has become one of today’s best actresses and we cannot wait to see what is in store for her in 2015.

Tom Hiddleston - No other actor could make you fall so in love with a villain like Tom Hiddleston can. Come on admit it, you know that deep down you were rooting for Loki in Thor: The Dark World. He had that addicting smile and a wicked sense of humor and you know you fell for him, inspite of himself. Hiddleston proved to the world that England has some of the best talents around. He launched himself into the hearts of women all over the globe and also showed off his singing chops, which only made him more lovable and sexy. Plus, he can do some killer impersonations. More importantly he is an incredible humanitarian and he always gives back to his fans. Plus, who can forget the moment he took the Ice Bucket Challenge and gave the ladies their own personal wet tee-shirt contest! Thanks for keeping it sexy Tom!

Emma Stone - Is it just us or did it seem like there wasn’t a single movie without Emma Stone in it? Not that we’re complaining. Stone has set herself apart from her peers and has shown a range of talent that only the likes of Meryl Streep have achieved. We have seen Stone play the lost love of a spider-bitten superhero, a mobster’s arm candy, a zombie killing rebel among many other spectacular roles. Every single role Stone is given she delivers a stellar performance with and provides audiences with new reasons to love her. Plus, her relationship with Andrew Garfield is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

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