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Overpopulation Is Not A Problem, Spreading Out Is

Major Cities keep Growing In Population, But That Doesn't Mean We Are Overpopulated

Overpopulation Is Not A Problem, Spreading Out Is

EARTH-- Over the countless years and with just as many scientific individuals, we have heard the phrase “the earth is overpopulated” without much of a disagreement, well at least in the form of a public debate. However this argument doesn't really have a leg to stand on in the first place since we as humans have always been going outside of our means in the sense of food and goods, which is the major concern for those stating we are overpopulated.

Since humans first gathered in a basic kind of society, huddled around a fire and maybe taking refuge in a cave, we have used methods and teamwork to gather goods that would normally not be obtainable in that exact area. Whether it was going on a hunt and bringing back more meat or using our understandings of farming to harvest and grow bigger agricultural plots of land, humans have always been getting foods and goods in which it wasn’t previously available in the nearby areas.

Now what can be a bit of a problem is the density in which certain areas are working into becoming though. Major cities attract all kinds of lifestyles, such as those that want a better career, those in search of a fast pace life and of course those that are looking to achieve a dream. Instead of just focusing on how we can make these major cities a more pleasant, safe and healthy place to live to which it can accommodate more people, we should also look to making other areas more habitable.

Terraforming other planets is something scientists have been looking into for sometime and is especially popular in science fiction. Where Terraform is making other planets and even moons to be habitable like Earth, it would also mean we would have control on each aspect of the process. So if this did become something of a reality, then we could theoretically turn the hot desert into a lush area of greenery for example. Now of course we would have to be careful as we could drastically change the way our planet's climate and weather interact as they do now, so scientific testing will need to be done of course before we start making a mess of the place we all call home, Earth.

Once areas can be turned into an area like Southern California, Hawaii or anything along those lines, the human population will have more options to migrate to other parts of the planet. Areas that were once a place that noone or very very few people inhabited, may become hotspots for human societies, thus slowing down and even dispersing these over crowded metropolitan areas.

Another far off reality could be the terraforming of a moon or planet to which we can let the animal kingdom roam freely. This could be a great way to preserve a species without the worry of poachers or some sort of human “error” which causes the animals to be on the verge of extinction as so many have become throughout human history.

Now only if science-fiction like this could be a reality like so many other devices and ideas have become in the past and even more recently.

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